Senior League Grand Finals Day Saturday 24th, TSB Stadium

Senior League Grand Finals are on this Saturday September 24th at the TSB Stadium.
Dman Entertainment will be looking after us during the day.
Come down and support your favourite team, Entry free. All family, friends and supporters welcome.
Game schedule is:
Court 1
Mens B Grade
Hammer cats v FEGL Clippers
Court 2
Womens B Grade
SHGC Junior A v Waitara High School
Court 1
Mens A Grade
Blowout Kings v Westown Warriors
Court 2
Womens A Grade
99ers Blue Devils v SHGC Senior B
Court 2
Mens Premier Reserve
FDMC Cadrinals A v Buccaneers
Court 2
Womens Premier Grade
99ers Pink v Hammerheads
Court 2
Mens Premier Grade
99ers v NPBHS

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