BWC Under 13 Boys Representative Team 2010

Under 13 Boys 2010

Easter Tournament- Results

BWC Def Waikato Yellow                      NA
BWC Def Counites Manakau                 NA
BWC Def Thames Valley                      NA
BWC Def Harbour B                             NA
BWC Def West Auckland                      NA

BWC Under 13 Boys Team – 1st place

Intercity - Results

BWC Green Def Auckland Blue                  NA
BWC Green Def BWC White                      NA
BWC Green Def West White                     85-14
BWC Green Def Harbour B                        NA
BWC Green Def Counties Black                 NA
BWC Green Def Hibiscus Coast                 NA
BWC Green Def Harbour A (GF)                 NA                         

BWC Under 13 Boys Green Team – 1st place

BWC Silver Def Auckland White                  NA
BWC Silver Def by Counties Red              31-45
BWC Silver Def Harbour C                          NA
BWC Silver Def by Harbour A                     NA          
BWC Silver Def by West Blue                     NA
BWC Silver Def West White (P7th/8th)        NA

BWC Under 13 Boys Silver Team – 7th place

BWC White Def by Auckland Blue              18-46
BWC White Def by West White                    NA
BWC White Def by Harbour B                      NA
BWC White Def Hibiscus Coast                    NA                        
BWC White Def Counties Black                 27-16
BWC White Def by BWC Green                    NA
BWC White Def by Harbour C (P9th/10th)    NA

BWC Under 13 Boys White Team – 10th place

Zone 1 Premiership tournament – Results

BWC Boys Silver Def by Harbour A                          25-109
BWC Boys Silver Def by West Auckland A                22-188
BWC Boys Silver Def Hibiscus Coast                        67-43
BWC Boys Silver Def Auckland White                       70-56
BWC Boys Silver Def by Auckland Blue                    43-85
BWC Boys Silver Def by Harbour B (P5th/6th)           46-88

BWC Under 13 Boys B Team – 6th place

BWC Boys A Def West B                                       104-23
BWC Boys A Def Harbour B                                   116-41
BWC Boys A Def Auckland Blue                             73-45
BWC Boys A Def Harbour A (GF)                            81-67

BWC Under 13 Boys A Team – 1st place

Date, Time & Court:

 23/7/10, 8am, Ct 2  BWC U13 Boys Silver
 Harbour A
L 25-109

 23/7/10, 11:20am, Ct 2
 BWC U13 Boys Green
 West Auckland B
W 104-23

23/7/10, 2:40pm, Ct 1 BWC U13 Boys Silver  West Auckland A
L 22-188

24/7/10, 8am, Ct 2 BWC U13 Boys Green
 Harbour B
W 116-41

24/7/10, 9:40am, Ct 1 BWC U13 Boys Silver  Hibiscus Coast
W 67-43

24/7/10, 2:40pm, Ct 1 BWC U13 Boys Green
 Auckland Blue
W 73-45

24/7/10, 2:40pm, Ct 1 BWC U13 Boys Silver  Auckland White
W 70-56

25/7/10, 8am, Ct 1 BWC U13 Boys Silver Auckland Blue L 43-85

25/7/10, 2pm, Ct 1 BWC U13 Boys Silver (P5th/6th) Harbour B (P5th/6th) L 46-88

25/7/10, 2:40pm, Ct 1 BWC U13 Boys Green (GF)
Harbour A (GF) W 81-67

Nationals – Results

BWC Boys Def Taranaki Country              107-28
BWC Boys Def Tauranga City                   88-26
BWC Boys Def North Otago                     103-41
BWC Boys Def Waikato A (QF)                78-64
BWC Boys Def Canterbury A (SF)             86-62
BWC Boys Def Harbour A (GF)                 76-64

BWC Under 13 Boys Team – 1st place
(National Champions)

 Date, Time & Court
 BWC  Opponent  Result
 4/10/10, 9am, Ct1
 BWC U13 Boys
 Taranaki Country
W 107-28
 4/10/10, 4pm, Ct 2
 BWC U13 Boys
 Tauranga City
W 88-26
 5/10/10, 12:30pm, Ct2
 BWC U13 Boys
 North Otago
W 103-41
 6/10/10, 2:15pm, Ct2
 BWC U13 Boys (QF)
Waikato A (QF)
W 78-64
 7/10/10, 5:45pm, Ct1
 BWC U13 Boys (SF)
Canterbury A (SF)
W 86-62
 8/10/10, 4:15pm, Ct1
 BWC U13 Boys (GF)
Harbour A (GF)
W 76-64
 Prizegiving after Grand Final approx. 5:45pm


Pool A - BWC, North Otago, Tauranga City & Taranaki Country

Pool B - Harbour A, Rotorua, Wellington A & Otago A

Pool C - Waikato A, West Auckland A, Hawkes Bay & Nelson

Pool D - Canterbury A, Counties Manakau, Auckland Blue & New Plymouth


Pool A - Harbour A, Otago A, Waikato & Hawkes Bay

Pool B - Rotorua, Canterbury, Porirua & Harbour B

Pool C - Mid Canterbury, West Auckland, North Canterbury & Taranaki Country

Pool D - Nelson, Counties Manakau, New Plymouth & Auckland Blue

Final Standings

U13 Boys

1st  BWC

2nd  Harbour A

3rd  West Auckland

4th  Canterbury

5th  New Plymouth

6th  Wellington

7th  Waikato

8th  Taranaki Country

9th  Auckland Blue

10th  Otago

11th  Nelson

12th  North Otago

13th  Rotorua

14th  Counties Manakau

15th  Hawkes Bay

16th  Tauranga City


1st  Mid Canterbury

2nd  Harbour A

3rd  New Plymouth

4th  Rotorua

5th  West Auckland

6th  Nelson

7th  Waikato

8th  Canterbury A

9th  Porirua

10th  Counties Manakau

11th  Hawkes Bay

12th  Otago A

13th  Taranaki Country

14th  Harbour B

15th  North Canterbury

16th  Auckland Blue

2010 NZ U13 Championships

Cowles Stadium & QEII Sports Centre, Christchurch

Monday, October 4
Waitakere City Green 107 Taranaki Country 28 (Pool A)
Tauranga City 50 North Otago 58 (Pool A)
Harbour A 96 Otago 34 (Pool B)
Wellington A 64 Rotorua 61 (Pool B)

Waikato A 71 Nelson 59 (Pool C)
Hawke’s Bay 21 West Auckland A 137 (Pool C)
Canterbury A 62 New Plymouth 43 ( Pool D)
Auckland Blue 59 Counties Manukau 38 (Pool D)

Otago 56 Rotorua 54 (Pool B)
Harbour A 108 Wellington A 53 (Pool B)
Taranaki Country 51 North Otago 50 (Pool A)
Waitakere City Green 88 Tauranga City 26 (Pool A)

New Plymouth 50 Counties Manukau 48 (Pool D)
Canterbury A 90 Auckland Blue 65 (Pool D)
Waikato A 77 Hawke’s Bay 16 (Pool C)
Nelson 36 West Auckland A 98 (Pool C)

Pool A
Waitakere City Green 2-0
North Otago 1-1
Tauranga City 0-2
Taranaki Country 1-1

Pool B
Harbour A 2-0
Wellington A 1-1
Otago A 1-1
Rotorua 0-2

Pool C
Waikato A 2-0
West Auckland A 2-0
Hawkes Bay 0-2
Nelson 0-2

Pool D
Canterbury A 2-0
Auckland Blue 1-1
New Plymouth 1-1
Counties Manukau 0-2

Tuesday, October 5
Taranaki Country 54 Tauranga City 41 (Pool A)
North Otago 41 Waitakere City Green 103 (Pool A)
Otago 44 Wellington A 62 (Pool B)
Rotorua 35 Harbour A 103 (Pool B)

Nelson 61 Hawke’s Bay 31 (Pool C)
West Auckland A 81 Waikato A 55 (Pool C)
New Plymouth 54 Auckland Blue 53 (Pool D)
Counties Manukau 35 Canterbury A 89 (Pool D)

Pool A
Waitakere City Green 3-0
Taranaki Country 2-1
North Otago 1-2
Tauranga City 0-3

Pool B
Harbour A 3-0
Wellington A 2-1
Otago A 1-2
Rotorua 0-3

Pool C
West Auckland A 3-0
Waikato A 2-1
Nelson 1-2
Hawkes Bay 0-3

Pool D
Canterbury A 3-0
New Plymouth 2-1
Auckland Blue 1-2
Counties Manukau 0-3

Wednesday, October 6
North Otago 65 Hawke’s Bay 44 (B8QF1)

Otago 74 Counties Manukau 67 (B8QF2)
Nelson 74 Tauranga City 60 (B8QF3)

Auckland Blue 52 Rotorua 50 (B8QF4)

Waitakere City Green 78 Waikato A 64 (QF1)

Canterbury A 64 Wellington A 63 (QF4)

Harbour A 106 New Plymouth 44 (QF2)

West Auckland A 95 Taranaki Country 49 (QF3)

Thursday, October 7
Hawke’s Bay 29Rotorua 58 (13-16 SF1)

Counties Manukau 84 Tauranga City 62 (13-16 SF2)
North Otago 32 Auckland Blue 86 (9–12 SF1)

Otago 60 Nelson 59 (9–12 SF2)

Waikato A 59 Wellington A 78 (5-8 SF1)

New Plymouth 86 Taranaki Country 62 (5-8 SF2)

Waitakere City Green 86 Canterbury A 62 (SF1)

Harbour A 78 West Auckland A 62 (SF2)

Friday, October 8
15th/16th Playoff
Hawke’s Bay 59 Tauranga City 57

13th/14th Playoff
Rotorua 65 Counties Manukau 47

11th/12th Playoff
North Otago 52 Nelson 66

Ninth/10th Playoff
Auckland Blue 82 Otago 59

Seventh/eighth Playoff
Waikato A 60 Taranaki Country 54

Third/fourth Playoff
Canterbury A 25 West Auckland A 56

Fifth/sixth Playoff
Wellington A 50 New Plymouth 67

Waitakere City Green 76 Harbour A 64
Referees - Elliot Duncan & Bryn McLennan

Tournament Team
Ezra Simmons (Waikato), Samuel Aruwa (Auckland), Isaac Letoa (Wellington), Sam Armitt (West Auckland), Gabriel Tuala (Waitakere City), Jesse Campbell (Canterbury), Liam Thornton (North Harbour), Delany Chaney-Puata (Waitakere City), Ken Smith (West Auckland), Malcolm Spellman (North Harbour),

Most Valuable Player
Delany Chaney-Puata (Waitakere City)


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