Fact Sheet

Event Details
The competition will be played from Sunday 15 May until Friday 20 May. A round robin will constitute the qualifying games to determine the final positions. The top four teams at the completion of the qualifying round will play for medals (1 vs 2 for Gold and Silver and 3 vs 4 for Bronze).

Event Location
Tracy Village, in the Northern Suburbs of Darwin, will be the venue for baseball. It has two baseball diamonds and excellent ancillary facilities, including a large clubhouse with bistro and bar areas. The facility is not lit, so only day games will be played.

Event Rules
This event is sanctioned by the Australian Baseball Federation and games will be played in accordance with the laws of Baseball.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What is the duration of each game?
Games shall consist of nine (9) innings with the mercy rule to apply after seven (7) innings.

Does my team need to wear a uniform? All players must wear a numbered uniform in his team's nominated colours. All players must carry the same playing number for the duration of the tournament.

How many participants can a team have? Teams will be limited to 18 players, plus five (5) officials.

Do we have to supply our own equipment? All ground equipment and game balls required for the matches will be supplied.
Australian Baseball Federation approved baseballs will be used. Umpires will supply rosin bags at the commencement of all games.

All other equipment is the responsibility of the playing teams.

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