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Micro Cup 2016 set for October 21-23, 2016 PALAU

Palau will host the Micro Cup again this year from October 21-23, 2016. Divisions for this year's race will be open men and women, masters and juniors. A V1 500m sprint for open is offered for paddlers on the Friday 21st of October. Registration fees for each crew of 10 in any division/category is $400.00 per crew. Paddlers will get a free shirt and 2 dinners.more

Marina TORIBIONG makes her presence at the Olympic Games

The Canoe Association of Palau members and paddlers are all extremely proud and happy that our Island Girl Paddler Ms. Marina Toribiong has made her way to the RIO Olympic Games in August.more

Canoe Association of Palau 2015-2017 Board

The Canoe Association of Palau, known as CAP, has elected new board members to serve the two year period of 2015-2017. Board members are Alonze Moses, President, Debbie Toribiong, Vice President, Aileen Freese, Secretary and Baklai Temengil, Treasurer. Board Members are Tino Faatuuala, Marina Toribiong, Bill Tony, Nikki Uehara, Jimmy Jonas and Evelynn Otto.more

Marina Toribiong NOC Athlete of the Year

Marina Toribiong was awarded the 2012 Athlete of the Year,
at the 2013 Sports Award Banquet in June. Marina is training
to join the canoe team as a V1 paddler representing Palau at the Mini Games 2013 in Wallis and Fatuna in August. Congratulations Marina!more

Canoe Team to Mini Games 2013

The Canoe Association of Palau with National Coach Tino Faatuuala will be sending a team to the Mini Games in Wallis and Fatuna this coming August.
The Team is only a V6 men and V1 woman. Confirmed number of paddlers is about 8 plus the Coach. The Team has been training hard the past year and will be traveling with the rest of Team Palau to Wallis in August.more

Etpison Cup donates $500 to CAP Nat'l Team

The Canoe Association of Palau participated in an exhibition race at the Annual Etpison Cup and received a donation from the Etpison Cup organizers and the Palau Sports Fishing Association. The Canoe Team to Mini Games 2013 are fundraising for the upcoming trip to Wallis. Thank you Etpison Cup and Palau Sports Fishing Association.more

Inter Scholastic League (ISL) Canoe Race 2011

The Canoe Association of Palau and the PE and Sports Office coordinated with High Schools and ISL program to conduct a half day canoe race last Saturday April 16th.   Two High Schools entered into the 500m sprint and 1000m sprint with turns.


Sechou CUP, a tribute to paddlers

The Canoe Association of Palau and local paddlers and friends, hosted the 1st Sechou Cup Event at Ngermid Bay. Six teams participated in the Events of 500m race and 1000m race. Additional three men teams from Ngermid registered for a special race event of 500m – the Sechou Ngermid Challenge. The Sechou Cup tribute was to pay respect and remember Sechou “Mark” Rengiil dedicating this event for him, including a remembrance dedication to   Bob Kumangai, Michael Tongg, Connie Kumangai, Ryan Cepeda (Guam), and Kayleen Mendiola (Guam).



The Canoe Association of Palau is pleased to announce that all documents and information about canoeing and highlights of 2010 activities has been posted on the "document section" of this site as well as the results of races of 2010 have been posted on the "competition results section" of this site.  The race results includes the Micro Games 2010 and Micro Cup 2010 Results.




The Canoe Association of Palau held their annual meeting on January 20th at the Palau NOC Office.  About 30members including the CAP board attended the annual meeting.  The meeting agenda inlcuded presentation of CAP board of activities of 2010, the review of the 2011 calendar of event for canoe and the financial reporting of Canoe Association of Palau to the members.  Also discussed by the members are issues of equipment (paddles, canoes), sponsorship and fundraising for the association as well as plans and proposals to send a Canoe National Team to the 2011 Pacific Games.


Micronesia Cup 2010 Logo

Once again, our young artist and paddler, Elsei Tellei designed the Micro 2010 Logo. Elsei is a paddler who will be participating in the Micro Cup Race. Elsei work include the 2010 MICRO GAMES LOGO.more

2010 Micro Cup Registration Form

Please click 'more' to access and download a copy of the Registration Form for the upcoming 2010 Micro Cup here in Palau from 22-24 October.more

22-24 October Micronesia Cup in Palau

The Canoe Association of Palau has confirmed the dates and details of events to take place at this year's Micronesia Cup to be hosted in Palau. The following are information on the upcoming outrigger Canoe Race scheduled for 22-24 October 2010.more

Canoe Sprints Results and V1 Long Distance

Canoe Sprints dominated by Palau Women and Men. The Palau women's team took 3 gold on all sprint races (V1 500 and V6 500m and 1500), while Palau took away V1 500m gold and V6 1500m gold.more

Canoe Race Schedule for Micronesian Games

The Teams participating in the canoe events are Men's Teams: Guam, Palau, Yap, Pohnpei, and CNMI. The Women's Teams are Palau, Kosrae, Pohnpei an Guam. Schedule of the canoe events attached. The Longdistance are Friday for V1 starting at 1:30pm and V6 Events is set for Saturday August 8th at 1:30pm at Meyuns Ramp.more

CAP recognizes Athletes and Officials

The Canoe Association of Palau give "congratulations" to our sports awards recipients for CANOE Programs. Without our athletes, sponsors, officials, coaches and volunteers - WE CANNOT DO WITHOUT ALL OF YOU...THANK YOU. (photo: Canoe Sports Award Recipients)more

CAP Elects New Board Members

During the General Annual Meeting for CAP, the board and members of CAP elected the new board members for the next two years from 2010-2012 Period.more
President and Paddlers

President Toribiong visits Canoe Team

On April 21st President Toribiong started his individual visits to Team Palau training at various sports venues. His first visit was meeting t the Canoe Teams (men and women) at their training venue at Riptide Beach to give them support and encouragement to hard training to represent the country in the coming Micronesian Games in August.more

Canoe Paddlers Visit Historical Sites (Hike & Learn)

One of the Canoe Association of Palau core values is to learn and practice cultural values through participation of canoeing and other related activities. The Canoe Association organized a trip for paddlers and swimmers to visit historical sites in Ngaraard State on Saturday December 12, 2009.more


About 50plus paddlers - juniors, senior and masters visited Dolphin Pacific Park across Riptide. The park visit took place on the morning of 0ctober 17th. The weather was a bit cloudy with wind, but the paddlers had a great paddling experience crossing the malakal bay to the dolphin Park. After the tour, all paddlers had lunch together, a bit of swimming and returned to Riptide.more
Sept 26 Start

September 2009 Sprint Races

Congratulations to all the teams. These are the canoe results from the September 2009 Saturday Sprint Races.more

Canoe September and October Events

The Canoe Associationo of Palau will be hosting different canoe races for the month of September and October. The annual Independence Day Canoe Race is set now for October 2nd Friday morning just prior to the Boat Races at the Bridge Koror Side.more


The Canoe Association of Palau extends APPRECIATION

Learn to Steer & About Paddling Wednesdays

Learn to Steer and Learn More about Canoe/paddle sport in Palau and its Activities - Every Wednesday starting on 2 September at 4:30pm – 5:30pm at Riptide Beach Area.more

Sprint Season Kick Off for Mix Teams

Sprint Season (3 Saturdays for Mix Teams Sprints) 3 Saturday races for Mix Teams Only – PRIZES TROPHIES!

1st Sat: September 5, 2009 Sprint: Middle Distance Sprint
2nd Sat: September 19, 2009 sprint 500m sprints and 1,500m sprints
3rd Sat: September 26, 2009 Sprint Middle Distance Sprint

Registration Fee: $50.00 per Crew of 9 paddlers (mix teams)more

August 15 Paddle to Lee Marvin

To get everyone back on the canoes after a long month of preparation and Belau Games canoe participation...about 30 paddlers, mostly junior paddlers took the early morning of August 15th on a longdistance paddle to Lee Marvin Beach.more

2009 Belau Games Canoe Race a Success

The Canoe Event for the 2009 Belau Games was held from July 16-17, 2009 at the old Seaplane Ramp in Meyuns, Koror State, with the 500m and 1500m Sprints on the first day and Open Water Distance (5Miles) on the second day. The Canoe Race Tournamnent Director Jacky Ngirdimau did a wonderful work in running the race. Congratulations to all the Teams.more

Debbie Toribiong & Youri Ito at ICF Training

As a new member to International Canoe Federation (ICF), the Canoe Association of Palau, was able to receive financial support from ICF to send a coach and an athlete to Guam for a 1 week training with ICF Coach in Guam from July 6-12, 2009. CAP selected Debbie Toribiong, Coach and Youri Ito, a youth paddler to the training. Debbie Toribiong provided a report on the training.more

NECO Marine Canoe Race 21 June

On June 21st Neco Marine hosted a canoe event in front of the PPR Beach. The canoe race provided an opportunity for paddlers to test their skills before the Belau Games in July.more

Etpison Cup showcasing Juior paddlers

The 2009 Etpison Cup canoe race had more than 70young junior paddlers showcasing their paddling skills, team efforts and spirit in front of the Drop Off Neco Marine Area on a 200meter canoe course in 500m and 250m sprint events. The Etpison Cup is on its 2nd year in sponsoring a canoe event and providing cash prizes for all paddlers.more


The Annual Etpison Cup Fishing Derby is once again hosting a canoe race on May 9th at the Drop Off area. The Canoe Race is Mixed V6 Sprint race (500m and 1000m with turns). Mixed V6 is 3men and 3 2women per crew. Registration is $25.00 per crew.more

CAP selects National Coaches

The Canoe Association selected Debbie Toribiong and Alonz Moses to coach the national program for canoeing. At this time, the training to participate in canoeing national programs is ongoing at Riptide Beach Area. The national programs and events include Cook Islands Mini Games, Micronesian Games in 2010.more

ISL 2009 Teams

ISL 2009 TeamsA: Emmaus High School (Knight and Shark Teams), Bethania High School (Stellar Team), Mindszenty High School (Wahoo Boys and Girls Teams) and Palau High School (Waterfall Team).

All the paddlers, coaches and teachers of the 2009 ISL Canoe Race.more

ISL Race ends with over 50paddlers particpating in Race

The Canoe Association of Palau hosted the 2009 ISL Canoe Race with over 50 paddlers representing four high schools participating in the sprint races. Emmaus and Bethania High School, Mindszenty High School and Palau High School all participated in the boys and girls division of the sprint races at Meyuns Ramp on 25th April.more

Remembering our Dear Friend "Marc" aka "Sechou"

In remembering Sechou - a special friend to many paddlers in Palau - some of the senior paddlers and local paddlers visited Sechou on Saturday 21 February and went on a short paddle to spread flowers in the ocean to remember Sechou who left this life last year on 24th February 2008 at the age of 35. Sechou was an assistant coach to Palau Canoe Team and was a dear friend to so many...he is certainly still missed today.more

Canoe Members active at the Annual Meeting

At the Canoe Association of Palau annual meeting, about 15 active members participated in the annual meeting. Issues discussed and working programs included Team Selection process, Cook islands preparation, Canoe development plan for the next four years, partnerships and level of competitions both locally and outside of Palau. For more information about the General Assembly, please go to the Documents Section of this site.more

Canoe Assoc. of Palau Annual Members Meeting

The Canoe Association of Palau Annual Membership meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 10, 2009 from 6:00pm-9pm at PCC Campus Room 68. For more information about the membership meeting, please contact Baklai Temengil at 488-4367/6562.more

Looking for Canoe Team to Cook Islands Mini Games

The Canoe Association of Palau is looking for all interested paddlers to try out for the Canoe Team to represent Palau at the Pacific Mini Games in Cook Islands from 24 September to 2 October 2009. If you are interested to try out for the paddling team - please stop by at PNOC Office and sign up. For any interested Coaches, please send letter of Interest to Coach the Canoe Team to Canoe Association of Palau and drop it off at the Palau NOC Office - attn: Baklai Temengil.more
Canoe Association of Palau Board Members

Canoe Association of Palau Board Members

During the 2007 General Assembly - the members of the Canoe Association of Palau elected new officers for two year term from 2008-2010. The Board members are Baklai Temengil, President, Markus Hangaripaii-Vice President, Villa Ngirailild-Secretary, Pkngey Otobed-Treasurer and board members Vance Polycarp, Jackquie Ngirdimau, Alonz Moses, Hulda Lukas and Joy Ueki.
To contact any of the board member, please contact Palau NOC office at 680 488-6562 or 4367. You can also email directly to the President at pnoc@palaunet.commore
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Micro Cup 2016 Registration Fee $400.00 /10 per crew

V6 Sprints Oct 22 and V6 Long distance Oct 23.  Offering 500m V1 sprint Open only on Oct 21st if there is enough paddlers to register by Oct 10th.

Categories: Open, Mix Juniors, & Mix Masters

500m, 1500m and Longdistance 15km Women, 20km Men and 10km  Juniors

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PADDLING DAYS MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS AND FRIDAYS AT MEYUNS RAMP at 530pm.   Annual Membership $25.00 per person, $10.00 students and $300.00 Club.  Please pay your membership at PNOC office at the Palau National Gym Office


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2016 Events for CAP

May 21-22 Etpison Cup @Drop Off Dock Contact Jimmy Jonas for more information at 488-6307

July 17-26 Youth Games Canoe program. Event for 19years and below  Sprints and Longdistance

October 1st Independence Day Sprints (is not set for SEPT 30th)

October 21-23 MICRO CUP PALAU, International Canoe Event   Open, Juniors, Masters and Senior Masters

More Information Contact Palau NOC Office at 488-4367 or email: