Rising stars share Liston

IT was an honour neither expected, but one welcomed with open arms and a bowed head, writes David O’Neill.

When Box Hill Hawks’ Mitch Hallahan and Geelong’s Jordan Schroder accepted their J.J Liston Trophy medallions last night, joining North Ballarat Rooster Steve Clifton in a three-way tie, both looked honestly surprised.

With their attention firmly fixed on winning selection in their respective AFL sides, neither Hallahan, or Schroder, had given much thought to the Peter Jackson VFL’s highest honour until they were suddenly fixtures on the leader board.

Both midfielders, the pair have become integral components of the VFL's Cats and Hawks' charge to the top two positions on the Bailey Ladders’ ladder.

Hallahan, who turned 21 last week, made his run mid-way through the count with three votes in Round 10 and two each in Round 14 and