Lynch Receives Second Chance At Roos

TWO WEEKS in Antarctica convinced Malcolm Lynch to pursue a second chance in the AFL.

Lynch and AFL indigenous programs coordinator Narelle Long became the first indigenous Australians to set foot on Antarctica in March 2010 when they represented Australia in an international youth summit on the environment.

Before the trip, Lynch was wrestling with what he wanted to do with his life. The North Melbourne rookie had been delisted by the Western Bulldogs at the end of 2009 after playing two games as a small forward in three injury-plagued seasons. He had since commenced an AFL SportsReady apprenticeship working on indigenous programs.

At that stage, Lynch was not sure he wanted to play football again. But in Antarctica he learned about the effects of global warming on the southern-most continent's landscape and wildlife, and shared his life experiences with the summit's other attendees. It gave him the clarity he had been searching for.

"It was definitely a left-field experience going to Antarctica," Lynch tol