Updating Play By The Rules certification

Any Play By The Rules (PBTR) courses completed prior to 1 July 2017 have now expired.  New courses are available to be completed and have a two year expiry.


The courses required by SSSA and SNSW are the Child Protection and Harassment and Discrimination Online Courses found at :  https://www.playbytherules.net.au/online-courses


For the 2018/19 Season team officials will be required to have the current PBTR certificates to receive a rebate (as occurred on the old system).  All 2018 Rep Team staff will require updated PBTR for the current Rep season.


Please forward a copy of the PBTR certificates to me at secretary@sssa.org.au so we can ensure the system is updated.


Delegates meeting Tues 20th Feb, 2018

As you know it final series time!

Just reminding everyone that the Delegates Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday the 20th Feb form 7:30PM, held at the SSSA clubhouse.

The rules for the final series will be covered and then the Draw for the Semi-Finals handed out.

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