Level 1 Umpiring - NEW "Fast Track" pathway

Softball Australia Umpire, supported by Softball NSW Umpires have released a new 'Fast Track to Level 1" Umpiring Program.

It consists of a participant manual that the prospective umpire can work though at their own pace and 5 assessment games (3 plates and 2 bases) where they demonstrate the minimum competencies at some time during those games.

Candidates, by demonstrating on diamond mechanics (Calling balls, strikes, movements etc) and passing the Softball Australia Basic Exam can be accredited as a Level 1 Umpire.

To assist in the program the SSSA is offering 3x 2 hour sessions where we cover those basics.

These sessions are offered as complimentary and are not required to attend to attempt the exam and practical assessments.

Anytime a Candidate believes they are ready to be assessed they can contact umpire@sssa.org.au to arrange these practical  assessments.

Once the candidate has passed both the practical and basic exam the SSSA will...

  • Supply their first "Softball Australia Umpire" Shirt.
  • Pay for their membership to the Softball NSW Umpires Association for 1 year where they can continue to receive information and consider further training.
  • As the assessment is on the two man system, clubs will two, current, L1 umpires allocated to the same game will be able to umpire those Club Games in the Two Man system.
  • Clubs will be able to nominate these umpires as their Club/Team umpires for finals.

The complimentary training sessions will be help on Wednesday nights from 7pm to 9pm on Wednesday 5th, 12th and 19th December at the SSSA Clubhouse.

As stated these sessions are not compulsory in order to be assessed, they are intended to help you prepare only.

Assessments can be requested at any time.

If you would like to attend the training sessions, arrange the assessment games or have any other questions please contact umpire@sssa.org.au



Session 1:  Wednesday 5th December 7pm-9pm

Introduction to the Program and Some Rules

  • Accreditation Tasks (and checklist review)
  • Rules
    • Strike Zone
    • Fair Foul
    • Infield Fly
    • Dropped Third Strike
    • Some Key Definitions: Batting Out Of Order, Base on Ball, Dead Ball, Appeal Plays, Interference Play
  • Session 1 Review


Session 2: Wednesday 12th December 7pm-9pm

On Diamond Mechanics (Part 1)

  • Ready Position
  • Calling and Signalling Safe/Out
  • Two Umpire Rotation System
    • Starting Positions
    • Inside/Outside Theory
    • Who’s call?


Session 3: Wednesday 19th December 7pm-9pm

On Diamond Mechanics (Part 2)

  • Session 2 review
  • Continuation of Above with on-diamond practice
    • Yes X Does mark the spot!
  • Review of Accreditation Requirements


SSSA - Round 14 Games ON

All games (except TBALL) are ON for today.

Check at the Control Room for possible diamond changes.

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