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29/05/2017 Applications Sought for NS U13s Rep/DevTeam Officials
19/05/2017 Update on Saturday's Games and Doug Hunter Carnival
16/05/2017 Level 1/Community Coaches Course
10/05/2017 Vale Naomi Fitzell (nee Kilburn-Watt) - Hunters Hill Hawks
23/11/2015 U11s Trials
21/10/2016 NS Showing how to Represent
29/05/2016 Great turnout to Level 1 Scorers Lecture/Exam
25/05/2016 2016 Opens Team Applications Open
15/05/2016 North Shore Represents at Australia Cup
09/05/2016 U13s Trials and Player Application Information
05/05/2016 U15s Trials and Player Application Information
05/05/2016 U13s and U15s Coaching Staff Announced
23/04/2016 ALL GAMES CANCELLED 23/04/2016
22/04/2016 NS U17s Heading for State Champs
23/11/2015 Yahoo Nationals have Started!
08/04/2016 U11s Go For Gold - SHORE PRIDE
23/11/2015 Happy New Year
01/04/2016 Working Bee this Sunday
23/11/2015 U19s Rep Trials - NOTE DATE CHANGE
01/04/2016 North Shore Girls at BJIC
23/11/2015 2015 NS U19s Rep Coach Announced
23/03/2016 Applications from Players for O35s
23/11/2015 Merry Christmas
23/03/2016 Applications O35s Team Officials
23/11/2015 New Year Batting Clinics
23/11/2015 NS Reps @ State Teams Dinner
07/03/2016 Applications for U15s Rep Team Officials
23/11/2015 Congratulations Rachel and Al
07/03/2016 Applications for U13s Rep Team Officials
23/11/2015 2014 Rep Teams Dinner & Awards
27/02/2016 Congratulations North Shore Reps
23/11/2015 North Shore's 2015 Blue Bloods
18/02/2016 NSDSA Survey
23/11/2015 Well Done U15s and Andrew Cooper
02/02/2016 North Shore at the Australia Cup
23/11/2015 Good Luck NS U15s
29/01/2016 Down Under Series at BISP
23/11/2015 Follow NS Games @ U15s State Champs
26/01/2016 U15s have a ball in Canberra
23/11/2015 Northern Storm State League Winners
26/01/2016 U13s get Silver in Canberra
23/11/2015 Good Luck Northern Storm
15/01/2016 Calling for player EOIs for North Shore U19s
23/11/2015 Australia Day Tournament
21/01/2016 More NS Girls Representing
23/11/2015 Dinga's Birthday
19/01/2016 NS Girls Representing
23/11/2015 NS U17s Coaching Staff Announced
13/01/2016 NS Players in Aussie Squad
23/11/2015 Rep Trials NS U17s
23/11/2015 2014 Rep Teams Dinner
11/01/2016 Congratulations to our NS Blue Bloods
23/11/2015 Calling for EOIs for U17s Coaching Staff
02/01/2016 Good luck to NS Blue Bloods at Nationals
23/11/2015 U15s Get Their Uniform Numbers
22/12/2015 Kerrie Porter named as Aussie Pride Head Coach
23/11/2015 Maree Hayden Honoured
20/12/2015 NS U17s Team Announced
23/11/2015 U13s 3rd at State
17/12/2015 NS Calling for U19 Coaching Staff Nominations
23/11/2015 U13 Green Machine Heading to State Champs
09/12/2015 North Shore Online Survey
23/11/2015 Updated Awards Pages
30/11/2015 Rep Awards 2015
23/11/2015 2014 Rep Dinner
29/11/2015 2015 Rep Dinner
23/11/2015 Ice Bucket Challenge
28/11/2015 Molly at Pacific School Games ... Winner !
23/11/2015 Notice of AGM
23/11/2015 North Shore Rep Dinner
23/11/2015 2015 U11s Rep Team Announced
27/11/2015 NS Girls at Pacific School Games
23/11/2015 Huge Thanks
23/11/2015 Green Light Softball holding clinics In December
23/11/2015 Update on Semis
23/11/2015 Date changes for U17s Trials
23/11/2015 And then there's Kez and Al
23/11/2015 Kaia doing her job
20/11/2015 Calling for Player Noiminations for U17s
23/11/2015 Ell doing what she does best
16/11/2015 NS U15s 3rd at State
23/11/2015 Lack gets Grand Slam
13/11/2015 NS U15s at State
23/11/2015 EOI Labour Day Tournament Team Players
12/11/2015 EOI Canberra Players
23/11/2015 2015 U11s Head Coach Announced
08/11/2015 NS 2015 State Reps
23/11/2015 Sim and Jess take out awards at Opens
08/11/2015 Northern Storm State League Champions
23/11/2015 Good Luck NS Opens
04/11/2015 Ell joins Aussie Athletes Agency
23/11/2015 EOI 2016 Officials
23/11/2015 Wishing our Aussie Spirit Reps all the best
23/11/2015 Mim takes out Pitching Award
23/11/2015 ALL GAMES CANCELLED 26/07/2014
23/11/2015 North Shore Win Open Women's
23/11/2015 Applications for Northern Storm Players
23/11/2015 Good Luck to NS Open Women at State
23/11/2015 Congratulations Rachel Lack
23/11/2015 NS U13s take home Silver
23/11/2015 U11s Trials
23/11/2015 Good Luck to NS U13s at State
23/11/2015 2015 U11s Head Coach Nominations Open
23/11/2015 U11s Coaching Staff Announced
23/11/2015 U13s/U15s/Opens Teams Announced
23/11/2015 3 NS Ladies in U17s Squad
23/11/2015 All games off today
23/11/2015 Calling for U11s Coaching Staff
23/11/2015 Congratulations 035s - Joint State Champions
23/11/2015 Aussie Pride doing their job at Junior Worlds
23/11/2015 O35s ready to hit BISP
23/11/2015 2015 U13s Teams
23/11/2015 U19s Showed Their Green and White Spirit
23/11/2015 U15s and Opens/State League Coaches Announced
23/11/2015 Catching Clinics for Coaches and Afternoon Grade Players
23/11/2015 New L1 Accredited Scorers
23/11/2015 U15 Rep/Dev Team Trials
23/11/2015 Doug Hunter Success
23/11/2015 Good Luck NS U19s
23/11/2015 Softball to host Sportsfest
23/11/2015 2014 Frank Mansell Junior NSDSA Blues
23/11/2015 Aussie Spirt finish with Bronze in Japan Cup
23/11/2015 NS O35s Team Announced
23/11/2015 Player Nominations for Northern Storm
23/11/2015 Team Umpiring Relief
23/11/2015 State League & Open's Coaching Staff
23/11/2015 Team Umpiring Relief
23/11/2015 North Shore Rep at Friendship Series
23/11/2015 EOI for NS Open Women's Players
23/11/2015 U15s Rep/Dev Team Trials
23/11/2015 U13s Dev/U15s Rep and Dev Coach Nominations
23/11/2015 U15 Coachng Staff Nominations
23/11/2015 U13 Rep/Dev Trials
23/11/2015 Maree Hayden's Funeral
23/11/2015 Silver for NS U11s
23/11/2015 VALE Maree Hayden
23/11/2015 NS U11s into State Final with Manly
23/11/2015 Good Luck to NS O35s at State
23/11/2015 Good Luck to the Little Green Machine
23/11/2015 U19s 3rd at State
23/11/2015 Working Bee 30th March
23/11/2015 Good Luck NS U19s at State
23/11/2015 Catching Clinic Term 2
23/11/2015 Don't Forget Edna Nash Tournament this Saturday
23/11/2015 U13s Trials/Coaches Announced
23/11/2015 Successful Doug Hunter Carnival
23/11/2015 U17s take out 3rd
23/11/2015 Doug Hunter Carnival will go ahead tomorrow
23/11/2015 EOI for NS Over 35s
23/11/2015 Congratulations NS U13s Coaching Staff
23/11/2015 Good Luck NS U17s
23/11/2015 NS Reps Selected in National Teams
23/11/2015 Congratulations Mim and Loz
23/11/2015 NS Reps @ U23s
23/11/2015 Fundraiser for Aussie Spirit Players
23/11/2015 U13s Trials
23/11/2015 U19s Trials
23/11/2015 O35s Trial Date
20/11/2015 North Shore is a Proud Association
23/11/2015 U17s 3rd at State
20/11/2015 Specialist Catching School
23/11/2015 NS U13s Rep Trials
20/11/2015 Rachel Lack takes out SNSW Award
23/11/2015 Good Luck NS U17s
20/11/2015 2014 U11s Rep and Dev Teams Announced
23/11/2015 Teeballers Heading For State Champs
20/11/2015 NS Calling for 2014 U19s Staff Applications
23/11/2015 O35s Officals and Player Trials Information
20/11/2015 NS 2013 Rep Awards
23/11/2015 North Met Trials
20/11/2015 2014 U17 Team Announced
23/11/2015 Down Under Series at BISP
20/11/2015 North Shore's New Level 2 Scorers
23/11/2015 NS Players selected into Aussie Spirit and Aussie Pride
20/11/2015 NS Girls in PSSA Championship Win
23/11/2015 Pre Season Batter Up Come n Try
20/11/2015 U15s STATE CHAMPIONS
23/11/2015 Karen Marr Pitching Clinics
20/11/2015 U15 PBP links
23/11/2015 Congratulations Ellen and Kara
20/11/2015 U15 v Georges River
23/11/2015 Good Luck NSW U19 and U15 Female Teams at Nationals
20/11/2015 NS PBP Links
23/11/2015 2 from 2, Congratulations Bluebloods
20/11/2015 Good Luck U15 Green Machine
20/11/2015 Rachel takes out Batting Award
20/11/2015 Congratulations Heather, Simmo and Millie
20/11/2015 Follow NS U15s at State on Twitter and the Web
20/11/2015 NS Players and Coaches in NSW Firestars
20/11/2015 Northern Storm Runners Up
20/11/2015 Good Luck Northern Storm at State League Finals
20/11/2015 NS Players in NSW U17s and U19s
20/11/2015 North Shore 2014 U17s Coaching Staff Announced
20/11/2015 Kez and Al Reappointed to Aussie Spirit
20/11/2015 Calling for nominations for U17 Rep Team Coach and Staff
20/11/2015 U17 2014 Rep Team Trials
20/11/2015 50th Anniversary Dinner Photos
20/11/2015 SNSW Promotional Video Now Available
20/11/2015 North Shore wins Website Award and was a finalist in the Affiliate of the Year Award
20/11/2015 Sue Hamilton honoured with Service Awards
20/11/2015 Congratulations U13s - 3rd at State
20/11/2015 50th Anniversary Video
20/11/2015 Alan Moore`s Batting Clinic - Act now to secure a place
20/11/2015 50th Anniversary Celebrations
20/11/2015 NS Girls Named in NSW U17s Squad
20/11/2015 Good Luck U13s
20/11/2015 NS Girls Named in NSW U19s Squad
20/11/2015 North Shore AGM
20/11/2015 U13s Win Regionals
20/11/2015 North Shore Umpire Achieves Level 4 Accreditation
20/11/2015 North Shore Open Women`s Champions
20/11/2015 2014 U11 Coaching Staff Nomainations
20/11/2015 Good Luck NS Opens
20/11/2015 NS Girls Invited to SNSW U17 State Camp
20/11/2015 Change of Venue for 50th Anniversary Dinner/Dance
20/11/2015 Mel Roche to sing at our 50th Anniversary Dinner
20/11/2015 Specialist Fielding Coaching Clinics with Kerrie Porter
20/11/2015 North Shore U11s Trials
20/11/2015 Al, Kez and Kaia with Aussie Spirit
20/11/2015 Aussie Pride bring home Bronze





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Important deadlines for the AGM

Forms to apply for membership of NSDSA Inc, to nominate for the NSDSA Committee and for Proxy Voting can be obtained from the NSDSA website, Club Secretaries or NSDSA Secretary.

All nominations for membership of NSDSA Inc. and for Committee positions must be received by the NSDSA Secretary no later than 8pm on Monday 27 November 2017.

Proxy Voting forms must be received by the NSDSA Secretary no later than 4 December 2017. 

Please note that only members of NSDSA Inc can vote at this AGM or nominate for Committee.

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Ph:   0405 762 245






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