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15/06/2018 Opens Scorer Applications
15/06/2018 U13 Team Scorers
15/06/2018 Opens Rep Team Player Nominations
15/06/2018 U13 Rep Trials Player Nominations
29/05/2018 EOI for NS State League 2018 Players and Officials
19/05/2017 Update on Saturday's Games and Doug Hunter Carnival
16/05/2017 Level 1/Community Coaches Course
10/05/2017 Vale Naomi Fitzell (nee Kilburn-Watt) - Hunters Hill Hawks
26/02/2018 Calling for EOIs for NSDSA U15 Rep & Dev team coaches
13/02/2018 Calling for Applications for U19s and O35s Team Scorer
08/02/2018 Player nominations to trial for the 2018 U19 Rep Team now open
08/02/2018 Calling for EOI from Coaches for the NSDSA O35 Rep Team
08/02/2018 Call for EOI from players for the 2018 NSDSA O35 Rep Team
08/02/2018 Calling for EOI from Coaches for the 2018 U19 Rep Team
21/01/2018 Asia Pacific Cup
19/09/2017 Calling for EOI from Players and Officials for 2018 Australia Day Tournament
21/08/2017 Calling for Nominations to Trial for U11s Rep and Dev Team Players
23/11/2015 U11s Trials
03/08/2017 Calling for Applications for U11s Rep and Dev Team Officials
21/10/2016 NS Showing how to Represent
25/07/2017 Calling for Player Nominations for NS Open Women's Team
22/06/2017 Calling for Nominations for U13s Rep and Dev Team Players
09/06/2017 Player Applications sought for NS 2017 State League Team
09/06/2017 Applications Sought for NS State League Team Officials
01/05/2017 North Shore Level 1 Scoring Lecture & Exam
25/04/2017 Check out some great photos from U11s and U17s State Tournaments
25/04/2017 U11s Have a Great State Tournament
22/11/2016 2016 Representative Awards
15/11/2016 NS seeking EOI from current rep coaches and any members interested in rep coaching
29/05/2016 Great turnout to Level 1 Scorers Lecture/Exam
25/05/2016 2016 Opens Team Applications Open
15/05/2016 North Shore Represents at Australia Cup
01/11/2016 Calling for nominations to trial for 2017 NS U17s Rep Team
09/05/2016 U13s Trials and Player Application Information
05/05/2016 U15s Trials and Player Application Information
05/05/2016 U13s and U15s Coaching Staff Announced
23/04/2016 ALL GAMES CANCELLED 23/04/2016
18/10/2016 NS Players Selected in SNSW U17s State Team
22/04/2016 NS U17s Heading for State Champs
23/11/2015 Yahoo Nationals have Started!
08/04/2016 U11s Go For Gold - SHORE PRIDE
23/11/2015 Happy New Year
01/04/2016 Working Bee this Sunday
23/11/2015 U19s Rep Trials - NOTE DATE CHANGE
01/04/2016 North Shore Girls at BJIC
23/11/2015 2015 NS U19s Rep Coach Announced
23/03/2016 Applications from Players for O35s
23/11/2015 Merry Christmas
18/09/2016 North Shore Finalists in SNSW Annual Awards
23/03/2016 Applications O35s Team Officials
23/11/2015 New Year Batting Clinics
23/11/2015 NS Reps @ State Teams Dinner
07/03/2016 Applications for U15s Rep Team Officials
23/11/2015 Congratulations Rachel and Al
07/03/2016 Applications for U13s Rep Team Officials
23/11/2015 2014 Rep Teams Dinner & Awards
27/02/2016 Congratulations North Shore Reps
23/11/2015 North Shore's 2015 Blue Bloods
18/02/2016 NSDSA Survey
23/11/2015 Well Done U15s and Andrew Cooper
02/02/2016 North Shore at the Australia Cup
23/11/2015 Good Luck NS U15s
29/01/2016 Down Under Series at BISP
23/11/2015 Follow NS Games @ U15s State Champs
22/07/2016 U11s Rep T-Ball Information
26/01/2016 U15s have a ball in Canberra
23/11/2015 Northern Storm State League Winners
26/01/2016 U13s get Silver in Canberra
23/11/2015 Good Luck Northern Storm
15/01/2016 Calling for player EOIs for North Shore U19s
23/11/2015 Australia Day Tournament
21/01/2016 More NS Girls Representing
23/11/2015 Dinga's Birthday
19/01/2016 NS Girls Representing
23/11/2015 NS U17s Coaching Staff Announced
13/01/2016 NS Players in Aussie Squad
23/11/2015 Rep Trials NS U17s
23/11/2015 2014 Rep Teams Dinner
11/01/2016 Congratulations to our NS Blue Bloods
23/11/2015 Calling for EOIs for U17s Coaching Staff
17/06/2016 Want to get a start in Rep Coaching - NS looking for Assistant Coaches for U13s Development Team
02/01/2016 Good luck to NS Blue Bloods at Nationals
23/11/2015 U15s Get Their Uniform Numbers
22/12/2015 Kerrie Porter named as Aussie Pride Head Coach
23/11/2015 Maree Hayden Honoured
20/12/2015 NS U17s Team Announced
23/11/2015 U13s 3rd at State
17/12/2015 NS Calling for U19 Coaching Staff Nominations
23/11/2015 U13 Green Machine Heading to State Champs
09/12/2015 North Shore Online Survey
23/11/2015 Updated Awards Pages
12/01/2016 Congratulations to NS UIC James
30/11/2015 Rep Awards 2015
23/11/2015 2014 Rep Dinner
29/11/2015 2015 Rep Dinner
23/11/2015 Ice Bucket Challenge
28/11/2015 Molly at Pacific School Games ... Winner !
23/11/2015 Notice of AGM
23/11/2015 North Shore Rep Dinner
23/11/2015 2015 U11s Rep Team Announced
27/11/2015 NS Girls at Pacific School Games
23/11/2015 Huge Thanks
23/11/2015 Green Light Softball holding clinics In December
23/11/2015 Update on Semis
23/11/2015 Date changes for U17s Trials
23/11/2015 And then there's Kez and Al
23/11/2015 Kaia doing her job
20/11/2015 Calling for Player Noiminations for U17s
23/11/2015 Ell doing what she does best
16/11/2015 NS U15s 3rd at State
23/11/2015 Lack gets Grand Slam
13/11/2015 NS U15s at State
23/11/2015 EOI Labour Day Tournament Team Players
12/11/2015 EOI Canberra Players
23/11/2015 2015 U11s Head Coach Announced
08/11/2015 NS 2015 State Reps
23/11/2015 Sim and Jess take out awards at Opens
08/11/2015 Northern Storm State League Champions
23/11/2015 Good Luck NS Opens
04/11/2015 Ell joins Aussie Athletes Agency
23/11/2015 EOI 2016 Officials
23/11/2015 Wishing our Aussie Spirit Reps all the best
23/11/2015 Mim takes out Pitching Award
23/11/2015 ALL GAMES CANCELLED 26/07/2014
23/11/2015 North Shore Win Open Women's
23/11/2015 Applications for Northern Storm Players
23/11/2015 Good Luck to NS Open Women at State
23/11/2015 Congratulations Rachel Lack
23/11/2015 NS U13s take home Silver
23/11/2015 U11s Trials
23/11/2015 Good Luck to NS U13s at State
23/11/2015 2015 U11s Head Coach Nominations Open
23/11/2015 U11s Coaching Staff Announced
23/11/2015 U13s/U15s/Opens Teams Announced
23/11/2015 3 NS Ladies in U17s Squad
23/11/2015 All games off today
23/11/2015 Calling for U11s Coaching Staff
23/11/2015 Congratulations 035s - Joint State Champions
23/11/2015 Aussie Pride doing their job at Junior Worlds
23/11/2015 O35s ready to hit BISP
23/11/2015 2015 U13s Teams
23/11/2015 U19s Showed Their Green and White Spirit
23/11/2015 U15s and Opens/State League Coaches Announced
23/11/2015 Catching Clinics for Coaches and Afternoon Grade Players
23/11/2015 New L1 Accredited Scorers
23/11/2015 U15 Rep/Dev Team Trials
23/11/2015 Doug Hunter Success
23/11/2015 Good Luck NS U19s
23/11/2015 Softball to host Sportsfest
23/11/2015 2014 Frank Mansell Junior NSDSA Blues
23/11/2015 Aussie Spirt finish with Bronze in Japan Cup
23/11/2015 NS O35s Team Announced
23/11/2015 Player Nominations for Northern Storm
23/11/2015 Team Umpiring Relief
23/11/2015 State League & Open's Coaching Staff
23/11/2015 Team Umpiring Relief
23/11/2015 North Shore Rep at Friendship Series
23/11/2015 EOI for NS Open Women's Players
23/11/2015 U15s Rep/Dev Team Trials
23/11/2015 U13s Dev/U15s Rep and Dev Coach Nominations
23/11/2015 U15 Coachng Staff Nominations
23/11/2015 U13 Rep/Dev Trials
23/11/2015 Maree Hayden's Funeral
23/11/2015 Silver for NS U11s
23/11/2015 VALE Maree Hayden
23/11/2015 NS U11s into State Final with Manly
23/11/2015 Good Luck to NS O35s at State
23/11/2015 Good Luck to the Little Green Machine
23/11/2015 U19s 3rd at State
23/11/2015 Working Bee 30th March
23/11/2015 Good Luck NS U19s at State
23/11/2015 Catching Clinic Term 2
23/11/2015 Don't Forget Edna Nash Tournament this Saturday
23/11/2015 U13s Trials/Coaches Announced
23/11/2015 Successful Doug Hunter Carnival
23/11/2015 U17s take out 3rd
23/11/2015 Doug Hunter Carnival will go ahead tomorrow
23/11/2015 EOI for NS Over 35s
23/11/2015 Congratulations NS U13s Coaching Staff
23/11/2015 Good Luck NS U17s
23/11/2015 NS Reps Selected in National Teams
23/11/2015 Congratulations Mim and Loz
23/11/2015 NS Reps @ U23s
23/11/2015 Fundraiser for Aussie Spirit Players
23/11/2015 U13s Trials
23/11/2015 U19s Trials
23/11/2015 O35s Trial Date
20/11/2015 North Shore is a Proud Association
23/11/2015 U17s 3rd at State
20/11/2015 Specialist Catching School
23/11/2015 NS U13s Rep Trials
20/11/2015 Rachel Lack takes out SNSW Award
23/11/2015 Good Luck NS U17s
20/11/2015 2014 U11s Rep and Dev Teams Announced
23/11/2015 Teeballers Heading For State Champs
20/11/2015 NS Calling for 2014 U19s Staff Applications
23/11/2015 O35s Officals and Player Trials Information
20/11/2015 NS 2013 Rep Awards
23/11/2015 North Met Trials
20/11/2015 2014 U17 Team Announced
23/11/2015 Down Under Series at BISP
20/11/2015 North Shore's New Level 2 Scorers
23/11/2015 NS Players selected into Aussie Spirit and Aussie Pride
20/11/2015 NS Girls in PSSA Championship Win
23/11/2015 Pre Season Batter Up Come n Try
20/11/2015 U15s STATE CHAMPIONS
23/11/2015 Karen Marr Pitching Clinics
20/11/2015 U15 PBP links
23/11/2015 Congratulations Ellen and Kara
20/11/2015 U15 v Georges River
23/11/2015 Good Luck NSW U19 and U15 Female Teams at Nationals
20/11/2015 NS PBP Links
23/11/2015 2 from 2, Congratulations Bluebloods
20/11/2015 Good Luck U15 Green Machine
20/11/2015 Rachel takes out Batting Award
20/11/2015 Congratulations Heather, Simmo and Millie
20/11/2015 Follow NS U15s at State on Twitter and the Web
20/11/2015 NS Players and Coaches in NSW Firestars
20/11/2015 Northern Storm Runners Up
20/11/2015 Good Luck Northern Storm at State League Finals
20/11/2015 NS Players in NSW U17s and U19s
20/11/2015 North Shore 2014 U17s Coaching Staff Announced
20/11/2015 Kez and Al Reappointed to Aussie Spirit
20/11/2015 Calling for nominations for U17 Rep Team Coach and Staff
20/11/2015 U17 2014 Rep Team Trials
20/11/2015 50th Anniversary Dinner Photos
20/11/2015 SNSW Promotional Video Now Available
20/11/2015 North Shore wins Website Award and was a finalist in the Affiliate of the Year Award
20/11/2015 Sue Hamilton honoured with Service Awards
20/11/2015 Congratulations U13s - 3rd at State
20/11/2015 50th Anniversary Video
20/11/2015 Alan Moore`s Batting Clinic - Act now to secure a place
20/11/2015 50th Anniversary Celebrations
20/11/2015 NS Girls Named in NSW U17s Squad
20/11/2015 Good Luck U13s
20/11/2015 NS Girls Named in NSW U19s Squad
20/11/2015 North Shore AGM
20/11/2015 U13s Win Regionals
20/11/2015 North Shore Umpire Achieves Level 4 Accreditation
20/11/2015 North Shore Open Women`s Champions
20/11/2015 2014 U11 Coaching Staff Nomainations
20/11/2015 Good Luck NS Opens
20/11/2015 NS Girls Invited to SNSW U17 State Camp
20/11/2015 Change of Venue for 50th Anniversary Dinner/Dance
20/11/2015 Mel Roche to sing at our 50th Anniversary Dinner
20/11/2015 Specialist Fielding Coaching Clinics with Kerrie Porter
20/11/2015 North Shore U11s Trials
20/11/2015 Al, Kez and Kaia with Aussie Spirit
20/11/2015 Aussie Pride bring home Bronze










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