Expression of Interest - Level 2 training

Are you looking take the next step to develop you coaching and scring skills? 

CCSA will help you aceive those goals by organising training and providing development opportunities.

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Level 2 Coaching Course

Training to Train provides the coach with the knowledge and skills to plan, organise, conduct and review effective training sessions, and weekly and monthly plans that cater to the individual needs of junior-level club players. The program focuses on consolidating the coaching of fundamental softball skills and introducing further basic softball skills, tactics and positional play. Competition is introduced but the focus is on developing the basic skills, as opposed to competing.

Level 2 Scoring Course

Builds on the basics of Level 1.Upon successful completion of the course, Level 2 Softball Scorers will be able to:

  • Show broader knowledge of the scoresheet
  • Use colours to record plays
  • Apply their knowledge of the rules when officiating
  • Record special plays such as fielder’s choice, sacrifices and tie-break runners correctly
  • Record all changes consistently
  • Demonstrate consistent and impartial judgement in recording all actions of the game
  • Correctly record the time and situation of the game when a protest arises


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