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2016/17 Schedule has been released:

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Hills Softball Association - Dates to Remember:


18/10/16: 7.00pm-8.30pm-General rules session @ Anembo-all umpires and senior players to attend.             

23/10/16: 10.30am-3.00pm (with 1-hour BBQ lunch break)-Umpiring clinic-all green shirt/blue umpires and anyone else interested to attend Clubs to support these sessions - competency of all umpires



Division 1 Men - Composite Team

In the interests of player development and retention the Hills Assoication has decided to enter a fouth team in the Div 1 competition for the 2016 - 17 Season. The 'Hills' team shall be composed of players from all clubs, including those registered as Div 2. Players may wear there existing club uniforms (as long it is not the same uniform as the team they are playing) and programming shall ensure that Div 1 and 2 teams are playing in different time slots. Players would be eligible for finals in both grades. Players in clubs that already field Div 1 and 2 teams may only play in Div 1 Hills and Div 2 club.
There has already been strong interest shown by several clubs, but as we required a squad of 12 or so, the Association is looking for other players to join this team to ensure there is always nine available and. The Association is also asking for expressions of interest for coaching staff, scorers and umpires for this team.
It is important to ensure a strong men's competition and your support in this is critical.
If you are interested in being part of this team please contact Kelvin Williams for more information.


SOFTBALL SA: Regional Umpire Coaching Sessions:

All interested persons are invited to attend the skill development sessions as per the dates below.
Should you wish to hold any type of umpire development or general rules sessions in your local area – please contact Jacqui Crafter on 0409 639 856 or to coordinate dates and times.
Additional sessions may be included based on need/request with information to be distributed.

  Level 1 / 2

Sun 22nd Jan
9:30am – 4:00pm

Level 3-4
To be advised based on need and availability of eligible umpires.










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