JOHN SHEARER - Turvey Park / Carlton VFL

This week we feature a player who came to the Turvey Park Football Club in 1965 under sensational circumstances. He was a tower of strength in the ruck but could play any key position really with great ease. The player we feature this week is former Turvey Park star, John Shearer.

Details of Playing / Coaching Career: Spent 2 years on the senior list at Carlton and played about 30 games in the seconds. John Nicholls was appointed Turvey's playing coach in 1965, the year Barassi took over at Carlton. Nicholls of course stayed at Carlton, they sent me to Wagga as Turvey Park assistant coach. I was 19 and planned to stay for one season but played for about 15 years and loved my time there.

Awards / Medals Received: Won Turvey Park Best & Fairest in 1st's and 2nd's. Senior goalkicking. Lanham Trophy - SWDFL Best & Fairest Reserves.

Favourite Playing Position: Centre Half Back

Most Respected Opponents: Coolamon 1970 Grand Final Team

AFL Club: Carlton

Current Occupation: Owner of Albury Tractors P/L

Where Is Football Heading: Difficult to keep kids in the senior level because of other distractions. I am a great believer in high profile coaches eg. Wayne Carroll, Terry Daniher but where does the money come from when less and less people are available to work for footy clubs.

John Shearer arrived at Gissing Oval (Turvey Park's home ground then) in 1965 under extremely unique circumstances. As previously mentioned John Nicholls was to Coach Turvey Park in 1965 but Ron Barassi would not release him from Carlton. "Shears" was sent in his place and as a teenager John thought he would spend one year in the bush and then return to Melbourne. That was far from the outcome as John Shearer remained to have a very distinguished career with Turvey Park, and indeed retired after his "stint" with the Bulldogs. Originally John played up forward and in the ruck for the Bulldogs but later in his career he played mainly at centre half back. Turvey was a strong side during the sixties and seventies but a measure of John's ability was that during that time he won a 1st Grade Best & Fairest as well as a senior goalkicking award. In the twilight of his career whilst John was playing for the Turvey Park reserves he also won a Lanham Trophy - the B.&F. for the League Reserves. John Shearer was a very competitive footballer and his VFL grounding certainly showed when he commenced with Turvey Park. "Shears" was not only very popular amongst the Turvey Park Club but also with all South West Clubs. He was a very fair player who played to win but also played with great respect for his opponents. "Shears" often gets back to Wagga so if you see him on his next trip give him a yell and tell him that you enjoyed his Blast from the Past.