KIETH MILLER - Turvey Park

This week we feature a player who only had two years in the RFL in the late 70's but certainly made an impact in those years. He was a very skillful ruckman and was a standout player for Turvey Park. The player in question is former star Turvey Park ruckman, Keith Miller.

Details of Playing / Coaching Career: 1972-73 Echuca. 1974 Geelong. 1975 Echuca. 1976-77 Turvey Park-assistant coach '77 and Premiership. 1978-1986 Eastlake ACT, Coach `78-'79, `85-'86, (non-playing '86), Premiership 1978. ACT Teal Cup Coach 1988-1994. Represented SWDFL and ACT.

Awards / Medals Received: Best & Fairest Echuca 1972-73. Best & Fairest Turvey Park 1976-77. Best & Fairest Eastlake - ACT 1979,80,81. ACT Mulrooney Medal 1979 and 1981. 1982 Alex Jesaulenko Medal -Best player in Grand Final. ACT Team of the Century 2000.

Favourite Playing Position: Ruck

Most Respected Opponents: Kevin Neale, Buster Fairman (he hit hard), Greg Leech, Edney Blackaby.

AFL Club: Collingwood

Current Occupation: Sports Administrator with Queanbeyan Tigers

Where is Football Heading: * Positive - Greater skill and fitness at all levels. Auskick a big winner. * Negative - The more elite the game becomes through television (free to air and pay) the more our game will struggle. At local level this is the great dilemma of our game.
P.S. Untidiest person I have lived with - Ian McKenzie.

For a big man Keith Miller was a very agile and gifted player. He was one of the most dominant ruckman to have played in the history of SWDFL. His game was so complete that he was exceptional in all facets of the game. He was a very good tap ruckman, a strong mark, would do plenty around the ground and a was a long accurate kick. What more could you want in a ruckman. His list of achievements is quite sensational and is a true testament of his fairness and football ability. Seven Club Best & Fairest's, Two League Best & Fairest's, a Best Player Medal in a Grand Final and throw in a Team of the Century Player as well - a record to be very proud of. Also in 1977 he was beaten by a vote for the Gammage Medal in the SWDFL by Jim Prentice. The 1977 Turvey Park Premiership that Keith was such an integral part of consisted of Alan Hayes (coach), Mick Daniher, Peter Cerato, Ian McKenzie, Mark Fraser, Rod Clark and MVAFA Chairman Greg Verdon. Keith has continued a very active involvement in the development of our game since his retirement from the playing field. His involvement at the elite Rams level has been extensive and I'm sure that his input was positive. Although his stint in the Riverina was short Keith developed many lasting friendships and when he does visit Wagga he often catches up with his old mates. I think this was the case last weekend when he was in Wagga. So if in the future you do see Keith say gidday and let him know that you read his Blast from the Past.