11.30am Shared Lunch and Drinks (Bring a plate or two to share)

12:30pm Trophy Presentation

1:30pm Special Meeting

A Special Meeting is being called to address several Member nominations received by the General Committee through this year. The Special Meeting will address the following:

  1. Presentation of Life Member Medallions
  2. The recognition of an Outstanding Member Award to one deserving member to be announce at the meeting
  3. The ratification and presentation of Life Membership to two deserving members to be announce at the meeting

In relation to the awarding of Life Membership, the General Committee has accepted the recommendation of a panel of 3 Ex-Commodores and has elected two current members as Life Members. In accordance with our Rules of Incorporation: The election by the General Committee of a member as a Life Member shall be subject to ratification by a General Meeting of members. Thus, this Special Meeting shall address the motion below. Again in accordance with the Rules, the two successful nominees will be announced immediately before the motion is put.

Notice of Motion

Moved: Andrea McGregor Turner; Seconded: Ken Mann that: “the General Committee’s election of the two nominated Members as Life Members be ratified”.

2:00pm Annual General Meeting

  1. Confirm the previous minutes AGM 2016 (attached)
  2. Consider the Annual Report of the General Committee
  3. Consider the Club Financial Statements
  4. Set the annual membership fees for 2017 - 2018
  5. Elect the officers and ordinary members of the General Committee for 2017-18

3:00pm Meet & Greet

All club members are encouraged to stay on and enjoy some drinks and chat with fellow members and guests.

Close of AGM

Notice Board

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