2017-2021 Special Regulations Equipment Audit

by Rob Milner
The audit declaration form covering yacht special regulations equipment has involved and replaces previous declaration forms. This applies particularly to categories 5 and 6.
Although the forms have not changed very much, it is important to thoroughly read these forms when skipper/owner declares his vessel. Under Category 5 particularly refer to Reg Clause 4.14 Emergency tiller and rudder.more

Training Course for Trailable Yachts

by Des Russell
This course has been developed by adding specific trailable modules to an already existing Australian Sailing approved course for day sailing keel boats. It has been developed by the Trailable Yacht Division of Yachting Victoria.
Who should do the course?
This course is designed for anyone who is considering purchasing or has recently purchased a trailable and has little experience sailing.more

Upgraded CBH July 2017

by Rob Milner
The Technical Committee has released 2017/2018 CBH listings for Trailable yachts and sports Boatsmore

Trailable Yacht Division Brochure

by Ron Parker & TYD Committee
General Brochure and Information about Victorian Trailable Yachts, Benefits,Class Associations and Clubsmore
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