Shoalhaven Tigers Junior Representative Basketball Program 2018

Welcome to the Shoalhaven Basketball Association (SBA) Junior Representative Basketball Program for 2017. The following booklet has been reviewed and updated to inform parents or guardians and prospective players of the program on the roles and responsibilities all players, and families of players, have as part of the representative program. Where a specific situation is not covered in this handbook, the Representative Delegate will consider the matter in consultation with the Director of Coaching, the coaching staff and the Junior Committee.

It is very important for ALL players and parents or guardians to READ and UNDERSTAND the requirements and expectations of players and their families who enter into this program and only accept a team position if all expectations are UNDERSTOOD and AGREED to. The player and their family should recognise that participation in this program is a major commitment of time, effort and money.

Shoalhaven Basketball Association Values

  • We will encourage our members to compete in the spirit of good sportsmanship and to treat ALL participants with respect.
  • We will aim to develop our members as good citizens as well as good basketball players, coaches and officials.
  • We will deal with our members with honesty and integrity.
  • We will recognise the importance of each individual within the overall success of SBA.
  • While individual cases will be dealt with on their merits we aim to have our teams consist of players that are true representatives of SBA and will minimise recruitment from other Associations.

What is the Shoalhaven Tigers Junior Representative Basketball Program?

Junior Representative Basketball is the next stage from Wednesday night or Friday night junior domestic basketball competition. It consists of a number of levels of competition across various age divisions in competition against associations from around the region or state.

Barrengarry Conference - a development competition and a gateway into representative basketball. Games are played on four or five Sundays with dates and venues advised early in 2018. Conference will run from February until September. Conference is played in stadiums close to Shoalhaven (e.g. Milton, Moss Vale, Illawarra, Goulburn) as well as Bomaderry.


Southern Junior League (SJL) – is the level above Conference and based on a geographic area from Wollongong to the border and taking in southern and western associations such as Albury, Wagga Wagga, Goulburn and Canberra. Whilst some players may progress directly into this competition, a strong competitive side needs to exist before SBA nominates for this League. SJL is played in three rounds in March and April, with Finals occurring in May. SJL is expected to be played in Canberra, Wollongong and Albury in 2018 with Finals in Canberra.

Country Tournament - representative teams are expected to participate in the John Martin Country Tournament held on the June long weekend across various venues around the state. Locations will be announced early in 2018.

Country Championship League (CCL) – is new for 2018, replacing CPL and is the highest level of association representative competition. CCL is made up of the first place Championship Division team from SJL, plus the next two placed teams battling out for a spot at the Country Tournament. CCL will be played over two rounds and a finals series in July and August, with winners progressing through to State Cup in late August. 

SBA will enter teams based on the strength of the plaers available and the availability of coaching staff (coach or head coach, assistant coach and manager). Coaches are selected from an application process conducted during September and October 201 and Assistant Coaches and Managers will be called for from interested parents once teams are formed. Coaches are supported by SBA’s Director of Coaching and Managers are supported by the Representative Delegate.

SBA is also required to supply one referee for each team nominated, per event and provide two people to undertake scorebench duties. Referees are selected from within SBA’s qualified referee roster, however scorebench is a commitment undertaken by the families of players. Training in scorebench will be held in February 2018 for new families and those needing a refresher.

Who is a Shoalhaven Tigers Junior Representative Basketball Program Player?

Each team will consist of approximately 8 players, with the possibility of additional development players in some teams. Development players train with the team to develop their skills and can be asked to participate in a game if a player is absent.

Court time

Junior representative basketball is an elite program and equal playing time is never guaranteed. Some players will play more than others and coaches will have different philosophies on rotating their players. While coaches should be willing to discuss court time and how players may be able to increase their playing time, the bottom line is playing time is at the coach’s discretion.

How much training is involved?

SJL teams will need to train up to twice a week. Barrengarry teams once a week. Training will continue from the Rep Prep Program sessions held in October and November 2017. All regular training sessions are compulsory. An injury or non-contagious illness is not an acceptable excuse not to attend as coaches explain plays and other relevant team information. It should be noted that absence from training may affect a player’s court time. Players will be given a training timetable from which to organise other events in their life including casual work. Participation in SBA domestic competition is a requirement of representative selection and enables a player to further build upon training sessions. It is also a part of a player’s overall commitment to the Junior Representative Basketball Program.

Player responsibilities

Players, be prepared to work hard in order to gain positive results. You must be willing to accept responsibility for your own performance. Don’t blame other people and don’t make excuses. Great players know they are responsible for their own destiny. Respect the people willing to help you reach your goals. Listen and learn from your coaches, give them your undivided attention and remember they are there primarily for your benefit, not theirs.

Basketball will develop you as an athlete but it also presents you the chance to develop as a person. Some lessons that we value are;

  • Commitment – Being a part of a team demands that you can carry out your commitment to others. This will mean that you will need to give up some personal wishes and make sacrifices for the group.
  • Perseverance – When things aren’t going your way you must never give up when you are part of a team. Your team will need your total effort even when it is not your day.
  • Team Work – It is crucial that in sport and life you are able to work in a team situation. Sometimes this means learning your role and doing what is best for everyone and not just yourself.
  • Learning to Compete – This does not mean to win at all costs but rather to compete to the best of your ability at all times. Competition is present in all aspects of life and it teaches us to value our victories and to be gracious in our defeats.
  • Respecting Others – In life we must learn to respect everybody regardless of their roles and differences. In basketball we expect respect to be given to opponents, team mates, coaches, referees, spectators and administrators.

Player expectations

Players are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times. Our club is worthy of your best behavior. It is important that you communicate with others. If you have issues (negative or positive) with a teammate, then approach your coach or manager.

  • You must arrive at training venues 10 minutes prior to the start time and in the correct uniform.
  • You must arrive at playing venues at least 30 minutes prior to games, in uniform and ready to play.
  • If you cannot attend training or are running late for training, the coach must be contacted directly (not through someone else) before the session commences.
  • When injured you are still expected to attend games and training (unless you are receiving treatment for your injury at that time). If you are sick and could pass it on to others, then you should not attend games or trainings.
  • If you have an injury that will affect your performance in either a game or training session you will need to inform your coach directly.
  • If you have missed games or training due to an injury, you must provide a medical clearance before you resume training and playing.
  • You will not argue with referees during a game. If you have any problems tell your coach so that they may approach the referees if necessary.
  • You will support your team mates at all times both on the court and on the bench. Negativity toward team members will not be tolerated.

Eligibility of players

To be eligible for selection players must meet the following criteria:

  • Acknowledge that they are prepared to operate within SBA policy and guidelines by signing the Shoalhaven Tigers Junior Representative Basketball Program Player Agreement;
  • Be registered with Basketball NSW and registered or affiliated with SBA;
  • Must be available to attend the Rep Prep Program as determined by SBA or have been granted an exemption by SBA not to attend (Any absences must be explained, communicated in advance and approved by SBA);
  • Pay the appropriate representative levies;
  • The parents of the player must acknowledge preparedness to operate within SBA policy and guidelines by signing the Representative Player Information Agreement; and
  • Currently playing domestic junior basketball at SBA or acknowledge in writing the requirement to play if coming as an import player or new to the association.

In addition, the following matters will be taken into account:

  • o   Player and Parent/Guardian’s past and current degree of acceptance and adherence to the Codes of Conduct.
  • o   A Player’s history of commitment to the SBA Representative Program and SBA junior domestic competition in past seasons.
  • o   Player and parent adherence to Basketball NSW Zero Tolerance Policy.

Any player who believes that they have a legitimate reason for being unable to comply with any part of the selection eligibility or procedures relating to selection may appeal in writing via the Junior Committee to the SBA Board to be considered in the selection process along with the other players.

Representative Development Training Squads

For season 2018, the Rep Prep Program will be conducted for all potential representative players on Tuesday afternoons from 4:00pm – 6:00pm. These sessions will commence on Tuesday 24th October 2017 and run for four weeks. The more sessions you attend, the more skills you will pick up and the greater your chance of being recognised as a potential Tiger for 2018. Training sessions will be conducted by coaching staff, under the direction of SBA’s Director of Coaching. Players must stand for selection in their own age division.

Additional players may be introduced throughout the trial process should SBA deem their participation to be in the best interests of the team and the program.

SBA coaching staff will consider the following player factors during the selection process:

  • Ability to compete SJL, Barrengarry and Country Tournament;
  • A history of successful past performances in representative competitions;
  • A history of successful past performances in SBA junior domestic competitions;
  • Demonstrated high level of performance at selection trials;
  • Athletic ability, desire and dedication to become a player at the highest possible level;
  • Potential to be socially compatible and play within a team environment;
  • Fully receptive to, and cooperative within, the team coaching environment;
  • Demonstrated attitude displaying excellent self-discipline and standards of personal behaviour both on and off the court; and
  • Outstanding desire and commitment to working hard at improving basketball skills both mentally and physically.

SBA coaching staff will also consider the overall need of balance in individual teams and where an individual player’s skills and strengths lie, to best support the SBA Junior Representative Basketball Program 2018. Coaching staff may require additional criteria as seen fit, to apply in helping select competitive teams.

Parents and players are reminded that SBA Junior Representative Basketball is played at a competitive level and equal playing time is never guaranteed. Discussions on how to improve a player’s skill set, motivation and commitment to the team to increase playing minutes are welcomed by the coaching staff.

Decisions on final make up of teams will be made by coaching staff, in consultation with the Director of Coaching, the Representative Delegate and the Junior Committee. Appeals of these decisions should be made in writing to the Junior Committee as soon as possible. 

What is required of a player if they are selected in a team?

  • The player must have, or acquire during the season, a Level 0 referee certificate and be available to referee the domestic competition.
  • The player and parent or guardian must sign the SBA Player Agreement and Codes of Conduct forms. (attached)
  • They player must make themselves available for scheduled training sessions set out by the coach.
  • The player must be registered with Basketball New South Wales through Shoalhaven Basketball Association and play in the relevant SBA junior domestic competition for their age and ability level. Exemption from this condition will only be granted in exceptional circumstances after Junior Committee and the Board have reviewed the request.

Non-compliance with these requirements may result in player suspension from representative games.

What does a player need?

  • SBA rep shorts, warm up top and socks (order form attached)
  • Basketball shoes
  • Tracksuit (Optional)
  • Correct-size basketball
  • Reversible training singlet
  • Skipping rope
  • Drink bottle
  • Good attitude and respect for coaches and referees, listening skills to take on board feedback about play and a desire to improve basketball skills and succeed.

It is preferred that all players must stay with the team at accommodation sourced by the Team Manager. Payment and confirmation of accommodation is the responsibility of parents or guardians and is not included in rep levies.

All players are required to attend the end of year presentation ceremony and dates for this will be set early in 2018 and families are asked to put this in their calendars

Disciplinary Action

  • Poor Sportsmanship. The coach has the option to sub the player off the court. If there is a second offence they will be left off for the rest of the game.
  • Technical Foul. On receiving a technical foul, the player should be subbed off the court. The coach will decide whether this player will take any further part in this game depending on the severity of the incident. The coach will decide whether this player is started on the bench for the next game.

As of 2018, BNSW are altering rules that could see a player ejected from a game for two unsportsmanlike fouls, two technical fouls or a combination (ie, one of each).

  • Training. Non-attendance or lateness to training without communication directly to the coach may result in a coach’s decision to limit playing time in subsequent games.
  • Off the Court Incidents. If a player is found to be behaving in a manner that will negatively affect the reputation of the SBA Representative Program their coach will be informed. This may result in a coach’s decision to limit playing time on subsequent games.

What costs are involved in Shoalhaven Tigers Junior Representative Basketball Program?

The levied costs for playing representative basketball are based on the competitions that individual players participate in. Note that this does not include accommodation or travel expenses. The representative levies for the season vary between each team and players. Levies can be paid in full prior to games commencing or in instalments prior to major dates on the basketball calendar.

Representative levies are money expended by SBA for inclusion in competitions. As such, they are NON REFUNDABLE as the expense of entering a team will have been set based on a player’s commitment to play. Commitment by a player to play is for the entire season.

If there is a situation where the player is injured whilst playing basketball in Round 1 or 2, that will prevent them from completing the season, a request for partial refund needs to made to the SBA Board via the Junior Committee. No requests will be granted after Round 2.

An invoice will be issued for all players at the start of the season. Payment can be made by direct deposit. Regular part-payments well ahead of levy dates will help alleviate the impact of costs associated with playing representative basketball. Fundraising is another way to help reduce team costs and family participation and support in this helps everybody.

Commitment Fee

31st December 2017

2nd levy

28th February 2018

3rd levy

31st March 2018

Final levy

30th April 2018


What is included in the Rep Levy?

  • Nomination, game, match and associated fees for the competitions entered
  • Presentation, training, equipment and administration levy to cover costs for end of season trophies, court hire, equipment purchases and maintenance of the office to attend to the many administrative requests that come with the rep program
  • Contribution towards coaches and referee accommodation for SJL

What’s not included in the Rep Levy

  • Meals, accommodation and travel especially if overnight stays are required such as rounds in Albury or Canberra. Team managers will endeavour to source accommodation, organise meals and coordinate transport if required, however bookings and payments are the responsibility of parents or guardians
  • Uniforms consisting of Shoalhaven Tigers shorts, warm up top and socks are required. An order form is attached.
  • Snacks during the day are not covered, although some managers may provide fruit or red frogs, players should have a supply of snacks on hand to fuel them throughout the day, all venues operate canteen and vending facilities, so an amount of spending money could be considered
  • SJL finals,State Championships, State Cup or any pre-season Tournament nomination fees or game fees


The cost of the Junior Representative Basketball Program should not be a key determinant to participation. There is plenty of opportunity to make smaller regular payments in the lead up to due dates for levies as well as fundraising opportunities to help reduce team costs. Requests for payment arrangements should be directed to Cheryl Hunter, Administration Manager via Any requests for assistance will be dealt with in confidence and on a case by case basis.

If you have a problem meeting deadlines please contact Cheryl Hunter at the stadium before the due date.

What is the role of Shoalhaven Tigers Junior Representative Basketball Program families?

We know and appreciate the sacrifices families make in order for your child to represent SBA. It is essential that you support your child but you must also support the coach, team manager, other team members and SBA administration. As a parent or guardian you will be required to assist your team at times in various ways including: scorebench duty, fundraising, transportation, supervision and maybe even cooking (on the road or for fundraising). You may be asked to assist in the supervision and transportation of a referee.

Team Manager

Each team requires a team manager. This person is usually a parent from within the team who is responsible for the administrative management of the team, alerting families to upcoming training, games and events, as well as the central contact between SBA Administration and the team. Manager’s are supported by the Representative Delegate throughout the season.

Bench duty

SBA will conduct a scorebench course in February for those who are unfamiliar with their duties or for a refresher of skills. All teams are required to provide two scorebench personnel at every game. This responsibility must be shared amongst the team families. As managers already provide a high level of commitment to the team, their family is often exempt from undertaking scorebench, and the manager cannot be on scorebench when they have team duties to attend to during a game.  


Fundraising towards team costs can significantly reduce the amount families are asked to pay towards the Junior Representative Basketball Program. In 2018, it is planned for representative teams to run a sausage sizzle on Wednesday and Friday nights. The funds raised from this will go towards nomination costs. Representative teams will also be able to conduct individual fundraisers, although coordination through the Representative Delegate and Stadium Manager is to be sought first.

Transportation, supervision and cooking

Accommodation, transport and meal costs are not covered as part of rep levies. Whilst on the road, parents may find it more economical to organise group meals. The manager will communicate with families about how this may best suit the team. SBA encourages parents to be responsible for the transportation, supervision and feeding of their own children. However, at times the only way a player may be able to take to the court is if another family agrees to take them to the venue. For those that are able to assist and willing to undertake the responsibility for another child, team managers will coordinate.

Indicative 2018 Rep Levies (subject to final confirmation from hosting bodies)

SJL, Country and Barrengarry


SJL and Country


Country and Barrengarry


Barrengarry only




How does the Shoalhaven Basketball Association deal with Member Protection?

Through Basketball NSW, Shoalhaven Basketball Association adheres to Basketball Australia’s Member Protection By-Law as adopted 19 October 2015. A copy of this policy can be downloaded from the BNSW website

SBA will have a Member Protection Officer appointed for season 2018 who can be contacted in regards to concerns that you have about the safety of your child. All coaches, managers, Board and Committee members as well as Association employees who have contact with persons under the age of 18 are required to have a verified Working With Children Check. BNSW require this to include parents fulfilling the above roles, who are participating in BNSW or member association activities. Working With Children Checks are free for volunteers and require attendance at a ServiceNSW shopfront with a completed form available from the Office of the Children’s Guardian website

In addition to this, SBA encourages the following actions:

Make sure your child is aware of personal safety

  • Talk to your child about keeping safe. Encourage them to tell you straight away if they feel uncomfortable or have worries about an adult's behaviour, whether during sport or recreation activities or any other situation.
  • Tell your child that he or she always has the right to say 'no' if an adult is trying to persuade them to do something they feel is wrong, or which makes them feel frightened or uncomfortable and that you will support them through this.
  • Make sure your child understands about their rights to privacy and respect of their body in order to recognise what is acceptable touching by an adult and what is not.
  • Develop an emergency plan for your child to follow in situations where they may be at risk of harm, for example when going on overnight or away trips.

Be aware of possible danger signs

You should be wary of a club where staff and volunteers behave in the following ways:

  • coaches that run private, closed practices on a regular basis and operate independently of the club;
  • a coach that increases the amount of time they spend with your child beyond the training session and shows favouritism;
  • parents are discouraged from watching or becoming involved in training or other activities;
  • rough play, sexual innuendo or humiliating punishments are part of club practises;
  • inappropriate physical contact, inappropriate discipline and language is the norm
  • adults in your club invite children to spend time alone with them outside of scheduled sport or recreation activities;
  • poor communication with parents and parental involvement is discouraged; or
  • if one or more children suddenly drop out of sport or recreation activities for no apparent reason.

You should consider reporting your concerns to:

  • Local: SBA Member Protection Officer, Junior Committee, Board member or Administration Manager
  • State: BNSW Member Protection Officer, Child Protection Helpline, Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW

Parent Pledge

SBA has implemented codes of conduct for all its stakeholders. Please make yourself familiar with the code as it applies to you as a parent

  • I won’t pressure my child in anyway - I know that this is their game not mine!
  • I will not use bad language, nor will I harass players, coaches, officials or other spectators
  • I will encourage my child to play within the rules and respect official’s and coaches decisions - no matter what
  • I will teach my child to respect the efforts of their opponents
  • I will remember that children learn best by example so I will applaud good plays or performances by both my child’s team and their opponents
  • I will give positive comments that motivate and encourage continued effort
  • I will focus on my child’s and their team’s efforts and performance - not the score
  • I will thank the coaches, officials and other volunteers who give their time to conduct the event for my child
  • I will volunteer my services and help when asked by a coach or official
  • I won’t criticise or ridicule my child’s performance or any other team member’s I realise that good fun and enjoyment is more important than a good win
  • I will not arrive at the field or venue intoxicated or drink alcohol at junior matches
  • I will respect the right’s, dignity and worth of all the people involved in the game, regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background.



SBA has taken a policy on alcohol and prohibited drugs consumption at all of its Junior Representative Basketball Program events. SBA has made a commitment to not consume alcohol or prohibited drugs in front of players or when minors are present. Please note any parent or official that consumes alcohol or prohibited drugs in front of players or minors will be subjected to disciplinary action as it is a breach of the Member Protection policies of SBA, Basketball NSW and Basketball Australia. In the case of prohibited drugs legal action may be taken.



Further to the Parent Pledge, the following policy documents on Player Behaviour, Spectator Behaviour, Zero Tolerance and Sport Rage are endorsed by SBA. Please read and acknowledge these, along with completing consent and medical forms at the end of this document.


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