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CONTACT US, Reminder....

We are a community based association run wholly on a part-time volunteer basis.

Best contact is our email, Facebook, or phone during season competition nights (4-7pm)

Ever wondered, WHY?

If you have been pulled up for something and not sure why, the answers could be found on our Referee tab.

We are also giving you a heads up, prior to this weeks games...

Did You Know? You should be doing this? LAST GAME Team Duty

Did you know? #1 -> LAST GAME of night, each TEAM DUTY -> Stack Chairs.

more helpful, expected and appreciated 'did you know' articles, will be posted from time to time, please watch for them

Are you missing out on some information? see our Facebook NOTICEBOARD

What's there? Reminders, Draw notices,Course advices, Forfeit notifications, Congratulations, pictures, skills & drills tips, basketball vid's, Penalty advices, who's doing what/when, Thank You's, In the Media news, draw advice & referee allocation advices, discounts/specials, canteen trial, and the list goes on...

If you are not checking this page you may be missing out on some information.
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