2018 #CCJC - Team Nominations NOW OPEN

2018 #CCJC

(Central Coast Junior Championships)

Sunday 16 December 2018

West Gosford, NSW

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Hornets are pleased to announce that registrations are now open for the 2018 Central Coast Junior Championships.


OPEN TO ALL TEAMS: Hornets Touch invite all touch football clubs across NSW and Australia to compete at our prestigious event. *Any/all team who participate in this event will have the chance to compete in the finals series*


For full details of the tournament, please read the 'Conditions of Entry' available from the 'Online Registration' page of the Hornets website - www.hornetstouch.com.au




Friday 23 November 2018

  • Online team nominations close (to be done by affiliate co-ordinators)


Friday 30 November 2018

  • Referee online registrations close


Wednesday 5 December 2018

  • Player registrations and payment close
  • Team management registrations close
  • Player pool registrations close
  • Suspended/unfinancial players list due
  • Working With Children forms due
  • Statutory Declaration forms due


Friday 14 December 2018

  • Late registrations close (fines may apply, as per CoE)


Sunday 16 December 2018

  • Team managers meeting (time TBC)
  • Tournament day




Step 1:

Step 2:

  • An Affiliate Coordinator (Tour Leader) must register the expressed interest of any/all teams from your club by following the prompts on 'Point 4 - Team Registrations'.
  • Once this process is done, our Tournament Crew will supply the Tour Leader with team codes for each side wishing to register (in due course). Once you receive these team codes, they must be distributed to players, who can then follow the remaining steps.

Step 3:  

  • PLAYERS - Once you receive your team code, please visit our website, go to the 'Online Registration' page and follow the prompts on 'Point 5 - Player Registrations'. NOTE: Please ensure you select the correct option (Option 2, being for people entering the Players Pool, only).
  • COACHING STAFF - At any time, all coaching staff can register via 'Point 6 - Coaching Staff Registrations', and follow the prompts. (This step MUST be completed by all relevant Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Managers and any Trainers).
  • REFEREES - At any time, all club referees (and any additional attending referees) can register via 'Point 7 - Referee Registrations', and follow the prompts. (This step MUST be completed by all attending club referees).


At any time if you have questions surrounding this process, please email us: 

Hornets Tournament Crew

Email: tournaments@hornetstouch.com.au


We look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming Championships!





Hornets Tournament Crew

NSW Hunter Western Hornets Touch Association Inc. 

E: tournaments@hornetstouch.com.au

ABN: 92 594 826 967 | Inc: INC9876207



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