Tournament Travel Rebate

Is your club attending either;
- 2018 Don Green Western Junior Championships,
- 2018 Central Coast Junior Championships, and/or
- 2019 Peter Wilson Memorial Championships?
If yes, read on...
If your club is located OVER 200km away from one of these tournament your club could be eligible to claim a 'tournament travel rebate'.
How does it work?
Any Hornets affiliate based further than 200km from the tournament venue and participating in a Hornets run tournament, will be eligible for a 25% rebate (refund) on their total team registration costs, at the conclusion of the tournament
What does this mean?
- Participants must pay their individual fees as per the conditions of entry for each tournament first, and then the affiliate would get a 25% rebate from each teams fees (so long as they meet all requirement such as having minimum players, and meeting referee quotas.
EXAMPLE: (Based on 2014 costs) If Dubbo enters x1 team with 14 players ($48 p/p) registered into the Peter Wilson Championships, hosted in Nelson Bay – Dubbo Touch Association would receive $168.00 in rebate back to the club to use how they like.
x1 team = $168.00 (14 players)
x2 teams = 336.00 (14 players)
x3 teams = $504.00 (14 players) ... etc.
What do I need to do?
Just register into the competition, and if all requirements are met, we will liaise with your club further (after the tournament).
This rebate offer has been in place for several years, and applies to all Hornets run tournaments.

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