EP/Western Zone Win Country Championships

9 July 2018

Western Zone has won its first MAC SA Country Championship since 2011 after defeating Central by 30 points in the Grand Final at Renmark Oval on Sunday.

Pictured (select to enlarge):

1. Western Zone - 2018 State Country Champions

2. Coach Scott Feltus and Captain Xavier Watson with the Championship Cup



Despite trailing at quarter time, the boys from the Eyre Peninsula region responded in gritty fashion to boot nine goals to three across the remaining three terms en route to claiming Western’s fifth title since 1994.

Led by Kimba Districts bigman Jesse Kemp, who was named best on ground in the finale, Western enjoyed a strong second half as they put the clamps on their rivals by restricting them to just two goals.

Kemp – who spent 2015 playing in the SANFL Macca’s League with Central District – was fittingly awarded the Don McSweeny Medal as the best player across the two-day carnival.

The 27-year-old was also named at centre half-forward in the Team of the Championships, where he was joined by Western team-mates Xavier Watson (centre), Jesse Stringer (forward pocket), Matthew Crettenden (forward pocket), Jordan Hind (interchange) and Reece Rayson (interchange).

Western mentor Scott Feltus capped off the award winners for his zone after he received the Bill Murdoch Medal as the best coach of the championships.

Last year’s Championship winning team – Murray South East – finished in third place after winning the second final of the afternoon while also providing the best under-21 player in Scott Merrett and the carnival’s leading goal kicker in Ben Simounds.

Southern Districts’ Josh Niederer had his consistent performances recognised by winning the Umpire of the Championships award.

Eastern defeated Southern Districts by 21 points in the inaugural Statewide Super Women’s Country Championships Grand Final, which was also played on Sunday.

Five of the six zones fielded teams in the Women’s competition for the first time, with Eastern’s Jiarna Zerella winning the first Player of the Championships medal while also being named as the starting rover in the Team of the Championships.

Her team-mate Jess Schulz, who also plays with Sturt in the Statewide Super Women’s League, was rated best in the title-decider.

Schulz, named at half-forward, was also joined by her fellow Eastern team-mates – Lane Trenorden, Casey Fraser and Alexandra Mason –  in the Team of the Championships.



Final Standings

1. Western

2. Central

3. Murray South East

4. Southern Districts

5. Northern

6. Eastern

Don McSweeny Medal – Player of the Championships

Jesse Kemp (Western)

Bill Murdoch Medal – Coach of the Championships

Scott Feltus (Western)

Best Under-21 Player of the Championships

Scott Merrett (Murray South East)

Leading Goalkicker

Ben Simounds (Murray South East) – 5 goals

Umpire of the Championships

Josh Niederer (Southern Districts)


F: Matthew Crettendon (Western), Ben Simounds (Southern Districts), Jesse Stringer (Western)

HF: Ben Davis (Southern Districts), Jesse Kemp (Western), Brett Ellis (Southern Districts)

C: Simon Berkefeld (Murray South East), Xavier Watson (Western), Mitchell Johnson (Southern Districts)

HB: Scott Merrett (Murray South East), Aseri Raikiwasa (Central), Joel Palmer (Northern)

B: Brae McConnell (Central), David Wright (Western), Aisea Rakiwasa (Central)


R: Todd Miles (Central), Billy Laurie (Murray South East), Steve Rusca (Central)

INT: Clint Gallio (Murray South East), Luke Teasdale (Eastern), Shane Ballantyne (Northern), Darren Shillabeer (Central), Samuel Alexopoulos (Southern Districts), Jordan Hind (Western), Reece Rayson (Western).



Grand Final  – 08/07/2018

Western                                 1.2,  4.5,  7.9,  10.12  (72)

Central                                 2.5,  3.8,  3.9,  5.12  (42)

GOALS, Western :

Matthew Crettenden 2, Jesse Stringer 2, Jonty Seal 2, Jordon Hind 1, Joel Fitzgerald 1, Mitchell Gum 1, Tynan Keeley 1

Central :

Darren Shillabeer 3, Jordan Clements 1, Mitchell Sandery 1

BEST, Western :

Jesse Kemp, Jordon Hind, Xavier Watson, Jesse Stringer, Jonty Seal

Central :

Darren Shillabeer, Todd Miles, Jordan Clements, Mitchell Sandery

MURRAY SOUTH EAST v. SOUTHERN DISTRICTS 2nd in groups  – 08/07/2018

Murray South East                       2.3,  3.6,  7.8,  9.9  (63)

Southern Districts                      0.2,  2.2,  3.3,  6.5  (41)

GOALS, Murray South East :

Ben Simounds 3, Thomas Renzi 2, Thomas Sullivan 1, Simon Berkefeld 1, Callum Currie 1, Levi Krause 1

Southern Districts :

Mitchell Johnson 3, Scott O’Shaughnessy 2, Brett Ellis 1

BEST, Murray South East :

Billy Laurie, Scott Merrett, Ray Jaensch, Callum Currie, Tom Hutchesson, Matthew  Tonkin

Southern Districts :

Mitchell Johnson, Neil Reeve, Ben Davis, Brett Ellis, Sam Alexopoulos, Adrian Albanese


3rd in groups  – 08/07/2018

Northern                                2.4,  3.5,  8.10,  9.10  (64)

Eastern                                 1.4,  4.8,  5.9,  7.13  (55)

GOALS, Northern :

Corey Grove 2, Jonathon Hayes 1, William Combe 1, Aziel Stuart 1, Tom Button 1, Angus Judd 1, Corey Smith 1, Lionel Brown 1

Eastern :

Brendon Moon 3, Daniel Nobes 2, Micah Vanloon 1, Nathan  Stark 1

BEST, Northern :

Joel Palmer, Shane Ballantyne, Corey Smith, Kriston Thompson

Eastern :

Luke Teasdale, Harley  Montgomery, Daniel Nobes, Jamie Groutch




Round 1 – 07/07/2018

Western                                 0.0,  0.0,  3.2,  7.3  (45)

Southern Districts                      0.0,  0.0,  2.3,  4.3  (27)

GOALS, Western :

J. Hind 2, J. Stringer 2, J. Kemp 1, L. Newton 1, J. Fitzgerald 1

Southern Districts :

M. Galley 1, M. Shearer 1, M. Johnson 1, B. Davis 1

BEST, Western :

J. Kemp, X. Watson, J. Stringer, M. Crettenden

Southern Districts :

B. Davis, B. Ellis, M. Merrett, J. McCormack, J. McKAY, D. Ruddock



Round 1 – 07/07/2018

Central                                 0.0,  0.0,  0.0,  2.4  (16)

Murray South East                       0.0,  0.0,  1.6,  1.7  (13)

GOALS, Central :

M. Howson 2

Murray South East :

C. Gallio 1

BEST, Central :

T. Miles, A. Raikiwasa, A. Raikiwasa, G. Ellis

Murray South East :

S. Merrett, S. Berkefeld, M. Altmann, B. Laurie, C. Gallio, T. Renzi



Round 1 – 07/07/2018

Southern Districts                      0.0,  0.0,  2.3,  4.8  (32)

Northern                                0.0,  0.0,  0.1,  0.3  (3)

GOALS, Southern Districts :

M. Galley 2, B. Ellis 1, J. Standfield 1

Northern :

BEST, Southern Districts :

M. Merrett, B. Ellis, M. Johnson, D. Ruddock, B. Davis, M. Dominish

Northern :

M. Hobbs, C. Smith, K. Thompson, T. Button



Round 1 – 07/07/2018

Central                                 0.0,  0.0,  1.3,  3.7  (25)

Eastern                                 0.0,  0.0,  1.1,  1.1  (7)

GOALS, Central :

D. Costanzo 1, M. Howson 1, J. Schuurmans 1

Eastern :

B. Schubert 1

BEST, Central :

T. Miles, N. Casboult, A. Raikiwasa, M. Howson

Eastern :

L. Teasdale, N. Stark, J. Groutch, S. Pfeiffer


Round 1 – 07/07/2018

Western                                 0.0,  0.0,  3.3,  5.9  (39)

Northern                                0.0,  0.0,  0.5,  0.6  (6)

GOALS, Western :

T. Keeley 2, K. Bilney Jnr 1, L. Newton 1, J. Fitzgerald 1

Northern :

BEST, Western :

J. Kemp, J. Seal, J. Norton, L. Newton

Northern :

S. Ballantyne, J. Hayes, J. Palmer, L. Kapitola



Round 1 – 07/07/2018

 Murray South East                       0.0,  0.0,  6.3,  10.4  (64)

 Eastern                                 0.0,  0.0,  0.0,  2.0  (12)

 GOALS, Murray South East :

C. Gallio 2, B. Simounds 2, S. Berkefeld 1, L. Krause 1, S. Merrett 1, B. Laurie 1,

T. Hutchesson 1, Z. Cocks 1

 Eastern :

D. Nobes 1, B. Schubert 1

 BEST, Murray South East :

C. Gallio, B. Laurie, M. Tonkin, J. Eldridge, S. Merrett, T. Hutchesson

 Eastern :

S. Pfeiffer, L. Teasdale, J. Groutch, B. Moon


Sunday July 8

  1. 8:00am – Auskick Clinic
  2. 9:30am – Eastern v Northern
  3. 11:15am Murray South East v Southern Districts
  4. 1.00pm Central v Western



Sunday  July 8 (Renmark FC Oval 2)

Eastern 5.12 (42) d Southern Districts 3.3 (21)

GOALS, Eastern :
Hopper 2, A. Mason 1, O. Walker-Obushak 1, J. Peters 1

Southern Districts :
T. Copley 1, E. Fry 1, M. Tucker 1

BEST, Eastern :

J. Schulz, K. Woodhouse, O. Walker-Obushak, B. Burt, J. Peters

Southern Districts :

L. Millard, O. Bendt, T. Batzavalis, E. Fry


1. Eastern

2. Southern

3. Northern

4. South East

5. Central


Jiarna Zerella (Eastern)


F: Lane Trenorden (Eastern), Sally Fuller (Southern Districts), Tameika Reid (Northern)

HF: Emma Keys (Central), Emma Gryczewski (Southern Districts), Jessica Schulz (Eastern)

C: Casey McElroy (South East), Tess Andrews (South East), Shelby Raven (Northern)

HB: Casey Fraser (Eastern), Lauren Smith (Central), Natalie Gibbs (Southern Districts)

B: Hannah Muscat (Northern), Abbey Stevens (Northern), Katja Boese (Central)


R: Olivia Fuller (South East), Caitlin Radbone (Southern Districts), Jiarna Zerella (Eastern)

INT: Lisa Jane Millard (Southern Districts), Tess Grant (Southern Districts), Elisha Gallagher (Eastern), Ella Mickan (Central), Alexandra Mason (Eastern), Samantha Franson (Southern Districts).




Round 1 – 07/07/2018

Eastern                                 0.0,  0.0,  1.1,  3.4  (22)

Central                                 0.0,  0.0,  0.0,  1.0  (6)

GOALS, Eastern :

L. Trenorden 1, L. Lovell 1, L. Schenscher 1

Central :

S. Watson  1

BEST, Eastern :

J. Zerella, E. Gallagher , B. Burt, L. Schenscher, C. Fraser

Central :

L. Smith, N. Biagi, K. Boese, T. Wills


Round 1 – 07/07/2018

Southern Districts                      0.0,  0.0,  2.0,  3.3  (21)

Northern                                0.0,  0.0,  1.0,  1.1  (7)

GOALS, Southern Districts :

T. Batzavalis 1, F. Oliver 1, S. Fuller 1

Northern :

L. Bornholdt 1

BEST, Southern Districts :

N. Gibbs, J. Norup, B. Leibhardt, S. Franson

Northern :

J. Barraclough, A. Stevens, L. Bornholdt, M. Berg



Round 1 – 07/07/2018

South East                              0.0,  0.0,  1.5,  3.6  (24)

Central                                 0.0,  0.0,  1.0,  1.0  (6)

GOALS, South East :

K. Saffin 1, G. Irvine 1, S. Maber 1

Central :

S. Jameson 1

BEST, South East :

K. Nuske, T. Clark, O. Fuller, D. Brown

Central :

K. Harris, C. Spence, E. Keys, N. Biagi



Round 1 – 07/07/2018

Eastern                                 0.0,  0.0,  4.2,  6.2  (38)

Northern                                0.0,  0.0,  0.0,  1.0  (6)

GOALS, Eastern :

Northern :

M. Berg 1

BEST, Eastern :

Northern :

A. Stevens, S. Raven, M. Berg, A. Etchells



Round 1 – 07/07/2018

Southern Districts                      0.0,  0.0,  0.1,  0.2  (2)

South East                              0.0,  0.0,  0.0,  0.0  (0)

GOALS, Southern Districts :

South East :

BEST, Southern Districts :

C. Radbone , L. Millard, J. Norup, S. Fuller

South East :

T. Clark, M. Turner, C. McElroy, K. Nuske



Round 1 – 07/07/2018

Northern                                0.0,  0.0,  2.6,  2.8  (20)

Central                                 0.0,  0.0,  1.0,  1.2  (8)

GOALS, Northern :

M. Berg 2

Central :

N. Biagi 1

BEST, Northern :

A. Stevens, M. Berg, P. Cuy, B. Tangey

Central :

N. Biagi, K. Harris, B. Holdsworth, E. Mickan


Round 1 – 07/07/2018

Eastern                                 0.0,  0.0,  2.1,  3.2  (20)

Southern Districts                      0.0,  0.0,  1.1,  1.2  (8)

GOALS, Eastern :

L. Schenscher 1, J. Schulz 1, L. Lovell 1

Southern Districts :

S. Fuller 1

BEST, Eastern :

J. Schulz, E. Gallagher , C. Sampson, C. Fraser, G. Pater

Southern Districts :

T. Copley, C. Radbone , E. Gryczewski , A. Thomas



Round 1 – 07/07/2018

Northern                                0.0,  0.0,  0.0,  2.1  (13)

South East                              0.0,  0.0,  1.1,  1.3  (9)

GOALS, Northern :

A. Etchells 1, T. Reid 1

South East :

K. Rowe 1

BEST, Northern :

A. Stevens, J. Barraclough, S. Raven, T. Reid

South East :

B. Creek, T. Clark, M. Turner, K. Saffin



Round 1 – 07/07/2018

Southern Districts                      0.0,  0.0,  0.0,  1.2  (8)

Central                                 0.0,  0.0,  0.0,  1.1  (7)

GOALS, Southern Districts :

N. Dixon 1

Central :

B. Holdsworth 1

BEST, Southern Districts :

S. Franson, C. Radbone , J. Norup, N. Dixon

Central :

K. Boese, E. Mickan, G. Madigan, E. Keys


Round 1 – 07/07/2018

Eastern                                 0.0,  0.0,  1.1,  1.4  (10)

South East                              0.0,  0.0,  0.0,  0.1  (1)

GOALS, Eastern :

K. Woodhouse 1

South East :

BEST, Eastern :

K. Woodhouse, E. Gallagher , J. Schulz, L. Lovell, B. Burt

 South East :


Women will make their debut at the 2018 MAC SA Country Championships in an historic first for the highly-anticipated annual event to be held in the Riverland on July 7 and 8.

Such is the rapid growth of female football across South Australia, five of the six zones have confirmed they will participate across both days of the carnival to be held at the home of the Renmark Football Club.

While the men do battle on one of the Renmark Rovers’ ovals, the women will square off on the other, with new goalposts to be installed to accommodate the increase in matches at a secondary venue on the same site.

‘’It’s fantastic to provide women with the opportunity to play at the MAC SA Country Championships,’’ SANFL Community Football Manager Matt Duldig said.

‘’We’ve all seen how popular Australian Football has become through the advent of AFLW and the SANFL Statewide Super Women’s League, so it’s great to see this is another extension of that.’’

As many as nine new female competitions have been created within six different SA Community Football Leagues this year alone, providing a wide enough pool of talent to participate in the MAC SA Country Championships.

There is now a total of nine different Community Football Leagues running women’s football competitions from Under-13 level right through to Seniors.

‘’With six new competitions and two more to come, we are really excited about the growth of female football in SA,’’ SANFL Female Engagement Coordinator Tash Hudoba said.

‘’It has been reinvigorating clubs across the regions during their regular seasons in winter but now also in what was previously their off-season – during summer.

‘’It’s great to see the football clubs now engaging with their local communities with more people involved and also at different times of the year.

‘’The clubs are enthusiastic about providing girls with an opportunity to play a sport they previously haven’t been able to get involved in within their local area.

‘’From the Leagues’ point of view, a lot have started out with junior competitions with the intention of building from the bottom up to form a senior competition in the near future.’’

Since summer, SANFL has conducted as many as 20 ‘’Come and Try’’ sessions for females in regional areas such as the Riverland, Port Lincoln, Barossa Valley, Whyalla and Victor Harbor.

‘’Above all else, they just want to have fun by playing a new sport,’’ Hudoba said.

Now those who are just starting out can see another link in the pathway – via the MAC SA Country Championships – to the SANFLW and AFLW competitions at elite level.

‘’The MAC SA Country Championships is the perfect way for girls from regional areas to display their talent against the best from country SA,’’ Hudoba said.

‘‘For the SANFL clubs it can be a great new recruiting opportunity to come and view the girls playing at the one venue across two days at a higher standard of football.’’


Match Schedule – Men’s (Renmark Oval)

Group One                                                                 Group Two

  1. Murray South East                                         1. Southern Districts
  2. Eastern                                                             2. Western
  3. Central                                                             3. Northern

Saturday July 7  

  1. 10am Western v Southern Districts
  2. 11:10am Murray South East v Central
  3. 12:20pm Southern Districts v Northern
  4. 1:30pm Central v Eastern
  5. 2:40pm Western v Northern
  6. 3:50pm Eastern v Murray South East


 Sunday July 8

  1. 8:00am Auskick Clinic
  2. 9:30am 3rd in Group One v 3rd in Group Two
  3. 11:15am 2nd in Group One v 2nd in Group Two
  4. 1.00pm 1st in Group One v 1st in Group Two


Match Schedule – Women’s

Saturday July  7 (Renmark FC Oval 2)

9:15am – Central  v Eastern

10am – Northern  v Southern

10:45am  – South East v Central

11:30am – Eastern  v Northern

12:15pm – Southern v South East

1pm – Northern v Central

1:45pm – Southern v Eastern

2:30pm – South East v Northern

3:15pm – Central  v  Southern

4pm – Eastern v South East


Sunday  July 8 (Renmark FC Oval 2)

10am – 1st Ranked Team v 2nd Ranked Team



Adelaide Plains FL
Barossa, Light and Gawler FA
North Eastern FL
Yorke Peninsula FL

Hills FL
Mallee FL
Riverland FL

Murray South East
River Murray FL
Kowree Naracoorte Tatiara FL
Mid South East FL
Western Border FL

Far North FL
Broken Hill FL
Northern Areas FA
Spencer Gulf FL
Whyalla FL

Southern FL
Great Southern FL
Kangaroo Island FL

Eastern Eyre FL
Far West FL
Great Flinders FL
Mid West FL
Port Lincoln FL

HONOUR ROLL – Champion, Best Player, Best U21 Player

1994- Eyre Peninsula (Western)
1995 – Southern Districts
1996 – Southern Districts
1997 – Eyre Peninsula (Western)
1999 – Eyre Peninsula (Western)
2001 – Mid North
2003 – Southern Districts
2004 – Southern Districts   Matt Joraslafsky (SD)   Adam Merrett (SE)
2005 – Southern Districts   Justin Henscke (SD)   Todd Miles (C)
Leighton Wilksch (C)
2006 – Central   Adam Merrett (SE)   Ryan Darling (C)
2007 – Southern Districts   Damien Stevens (MMB)   Tyrone Hill (SD)
2008 – Murray Mallee   Todd Miles (C)   Ryan Bennett (MMBB)
2009 – Southern Districts   Mitchell Portlock (SD)   Greg Bain (Eastern)
2010 – Southern Districts   Josh Vick (SD)   Ben Yeomans (C)
2011 – Eyre Peninsula (Western)   Matthew Woolford (N)   Levi Konitzka (EP)
2012 – Southern Districts   Tyson Wait (MSE)   Tom Johnson (SD)
2013 – Central   Michael Liebelt (Central)   Patrick Barrett (Eastern)
2014 – Murray South East   Liam O’Neil (MSE)   Jack Kenny (EP)
Ben McIntyre (MSE)
2015- Southern Districts   Jack Kenny (EP)   Campbell Combe (Northern)
Xavier Watson (EP)
2016 – Murray South East   Brian Fenton (MSE)   Campbell Combe (Northern)
2017 – Murray South East   Jack Kelly (MSE)    Domenico Costanzo (Central)




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