Table Tennis will reach you where ever you leave far and near by plane or by boat never stop.....!!!!!

Reaching out to the outer island islet KTTA is planning to continue visiting the remaining outer islands of Kiribati.more

We wish you the best of luck Patrick Gillmann....!!!!

Table tennis kids with their banner showing their support to Patrick Gillmann.more

2013 School development program

New Year with New Ideas for developing and promoting table tennis on South Tarawamore

Australia Sport Outreach Program for Outer Islands.

First time in the history of Kiribati Table Tennis Association to visit 5 Outer Islands to promote and develop table tennis. Arorae Island, Abemama Island, Nonouti Island, TabSouth Island and Beru Island.more

Pacific Travel TENTANINI INTERNET CAFE Second Round Primary School Tournament

Second round of Primary School tournament sponsored by Pacific Travel TENTANINI INTERNET CAFE


Pacific Travel Tentanini Internet Cafe Eastern Primary School Tournament

"Let see what you have learn from your school coach"


School Trainings Activities on South Tarawa

Three volunteer coaches will commence a school coaching in August.


LIEBHERR 2011 ITTF - Oceania Cup Adelaide

The boys in action at the Oceania Cup in Adelaide, Australia.


Kiribati Solidarity Course 25-2-2010 to 2-3-2010 conducted by OTTF Development Officer Mr. Scott Houston

Im very happy that Kiribati Table Tennis Association has used the Weather Outdoor Table Tennis Tables in school very well" comment made by Oceania Table Tennis Development Officer Mr. Scott Houston during his visit to Kiribati.

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