Eat Well, Play Well, Stay Well



Launched in 2009, Eat Well, Play Well, Stay Well was developed to engage and encourage kids to build healthy lifestyles and make positive choices. The kit contains a DVD and lessons plans suitable for primary classroom lessons in the personal development and health curriculum area. Aimed at engaging students, the activities are action orientated and include themes from the world of Rugby League.

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 Key messages:

 •EAT WELL means eating a healthy variety of foods every day. This includes: oFruit and vegetables to give your body vitamins and nutrients oDairy for strong bones oMeat, eggs and lentils provide protein to help your body repair and grow oBread, cereals and rice give you carbohydrates for energy and more brainpower!

•Foods that are high in sugar and fat, like cakes, lollies and chips are SOMETIMES foods. You can eat these occasionally and in small amounts. It’s important to balance sometimes foods with EVERYDAY foods like fruit, yogurt and wholemeal bread.

 •Eating well gives you energy, strength, and a body that can repair itself and grow!

 •EATING WELL also means not skipping meals (especially breakfast!)

 •If you don’t put fuel in a car it won’t start! Your body works the same way, make sure you refuel regularly on healthy food. Your body uses energy when you sleep to repair your body and help it grow, that’s why breakfast is so important!

 •To EAT WELL, remember 2 and 5 is the rule! Eat two serves of fruit and five serves of veggies a day. This might seem like a lot. Remember a salad sandwich with lettuce, tomato, avocado and carrot is four serves of veggies in one hit! Add ham and cheese to your wholemeal bread sandwich and you’re eating four healthy foods groups at once!

•We all get the munchies throughout the day, especially if you are working hard at school or exercising. Instead of reaching for a chocolate bar or a packet of chips go for chopped up carrot or cucumber sticks, a piece of fruit or a small tub of yogurt.

 •DRINKING WELL is just as important as eating well

 •60% of your body is made of water! It’s vital to drink water throughout the day – 8-10 cups per day if you can. This stops you from dehydrating, helps your food to digest and cleans your entire body.

 •Soft drink, cordial and even fruit juice are high in sugar. These drinks should only be consumed sometimes and always washed down with plenty of water. PLAY WELL!

•PLAYING WELL means being active and enjoying yourself at same time.

•Exercising and playing sport keeps your heart, lungs, muscles and bones strong, lifts your energy and helps you maintain a healthy weight.

 •Playing a team sport – especially rugby league – is also a great way to make friends, and best of all it’s fun! Some of the other ways you can PLAY WELL include:

 • Walk or ride your bike to school

• Play frisbee in the park or on the beach with your mates

 • Dance around the house

 • Jump on a trampoline

 • Go for a skateboard or surf

 • Try a martial arts class, like Karate or Tai Kwon Do

 • Take your dog for a walk.

•It doesn’t matter how fast you can run, how far you can kick or even whether you can catch a ball or not, PLAYING WELL is about having fun while you exercise.

•PLAYING WELL also means playing fair. Anger, frustration and abusive behaviour have no place in sport. STAY WELL! If you eat well and play well, you’ll STAY WELL!

 •STAY WELL means being happy, relaxed and comfortable with yourself and others. •If something is upsetting you, tell someone you trust, like a relative or teacher. Talking about a problem will make you feel better and help you find a solution

•To STAY WELL you need to be kind and respectful to others, and yourself.

•Eating the right foods, exercising every day, working to the best of your ability at school, and being a good friend to your self and others is a recipe for success!