BSDRL History

The forerunner to theBrisbane Second Division Rugby Leaguecommenced in 1971 when the then Brisbane Rugby League (BRL) began the BRL Second Division Competition - an Under 23 competition in three grades involving the BRL clubs, University and Teachers and eight "satellite" clubs. The first premiership in 1971 was won by St Brendans who beat Brighton 23-5 in the Grand Final. 

This competition continued until 1976.

In 1977 the organisation of the competition for the satellite clubs was taken over by a committee from the clubs and the BRL Sub District Clubs was formed. 

The competition was still an Under 23 competition and there were 15 teams from 14 clubs playing in a seven team North Zone and an eight team South Zone. Kenmore won the North Zone competition, defeating Pine Rivers 20-5 in the Grand Final, while St Brendans defeated Sunnybank 18-14 in the South Zone Grand Final. 

The original Chairman was George Dziewcki, a Vice-President of the BRL and the original Secretary was Mick Tierney. Ted Beaumont took over as Chairman in 1982.

The League has used Souths club at Davies Park as its headquarters since 1981, with all meetings and Finals matches (other than Semi-Finals) being held there since then. 

Player of the Year Medals, judged by the referees were commenced in 1992.

In 1992 the Brisbane Second Division Rugby League Incorporatedwas formed when the League became an Incorporated Association. At this stage Ted Beaumont was still Chairman and Mick Tierney was still Secretary while Bill Hunter was the Treasurer. 

The first sponsorship of the League commenced in 1978 when Pacific Land began its sponsorship of the competitions. Century Air took over as the competition sponsor in 1986 and continued until 1991. In 1992,
 Castlemaine Perkins XXXX became our major sponsor and Sideline Connolly (later to become AlphaSportbecame our Associate Sponsor. Both these sponsors are still with us today. Struddy Sports commenced as an Associate Sponsor in 2005. 

In 1996 Bill Hunter moved on to become the Executive Officer of the QRL South East Division. Steve Lewis took over as Treasurer in 1997.

In his 18th year as Chairman, Ted Beaumont died suddenly in 1999. In 2000, Mick Tierney took over the role of Chairman and Ian Harvey commenced as Secretary.

The number of clubs and teams in the League has varied over the years, reaching a peak in 1999 when 90 teams from 55 clubs took part in competitions in 10 grades. In 2010 we had 90 teams from 50 clubs.

Four clubs from those that commenced in 1971 are still in the competition - Brighton, St Brendans, Sunnybank and Valley United Stars (now Bulimba Valleys). Only St Brendanand Sunnybank have played every year since 1971.

Eight clubs are still playing from those that formed the Sub District clubs in 1977. These are AspleyCarinaMt Gravatt, Pine RiversRedlands, St Brendans, Sunnybank and Valley United Stars (Bulimba Valleys).

In 1998 the Under 20 and Under 22 competitions were renamed the Arthur Sparks Shield and the Albert Bishop Shield, respectively, in honour of the Chairman and Treasurer of the BRL in 1977 when the League was formed. In 2000 all our Chairman's Trophies were renamed the Ted Beaumont Trophies in honour of our late Chairman who had died the year before.

Between 1977 and 2010 the most successful clubs in the competition have been
 Carina (17 premierships), Sunnybank (13),St Brendans (12) and Logan Brothers(11).

In 2010 there were 90 teams from 50 clubs playing in seven open grade competitions, and two Under 20 competitions. In 2010, there were 3385 registered players in the League. 

Mission Statement of the Brisbane Second Division Rugby League: 
To provide a second tier Rugby League competition in the QRL South East Division, giving all players the opportunity to play at an appropriate level and giving better players the chance to progress to the elite level.

Being achieved through:
  • Promoting Second Division Rugby League at all levels of the Queensland Rugby League and to the public at large
  • Organising and implementing the highest standard of competition, with a corresponding standard of play and facilities
  • Encouraging players with sufficient ability to move from Second Division to higher levels
  • Encouraging clubs with sufficient ability and resources to move from Second Division to higher levels 
  • Stemming the losses of teams and clubs from the competition
  • Encouraging, where appropriate, dual registrations with Division clubs, to encourage players to remain in the game
  • Maintaining a sound financial position for the League and encouraging clubs to maintain a similar situation
  • Maintaining and expanding sponsorship of the League
  • Maintaining and improving liaison with all other organisations within the QRL and the QRL South East Division
  • Developing a succession plan within the Executive of the League
  • Ensuring that all League and Club Officials are suitably qualified to perform their functions within the League
  • Ensuring that the League continues to have access to a home ground

Our logo:

When the QRL changed their logo several years ago and the use of the 'Q' for club logos was no longer deemed necessary, a new logo was needed. Committee members consulted over refreshments... and the new logo was formed. The use of Brisbane's iconic Story Bridge symbolises that the Brisbane Second Divsion Rugby League services both North and South sides of the river. Inclusion of the traditional Brisbane poinsettia flower was deemed necessary to continue with the institutional history. And so, we have the current logo. 



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