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About the Brisbane Second Division Rugby League

The Brisbane Second Division Rugby League is, as far as we can ascertain, the largest single senior Rugby League competition in the world.

We run competitions for all senior Rugby League in Brisbane, other than the Queensland Intrust Super Cup and the FOGs Cup competitions. Our clubs stretch from North Stradbroke Island in the East to Dayboro in the North to Beenleigh in the South.

In 2010 there were 90 teams from 50 clubs playing in seven open grade competitions, and two Under 20 competitions. In 2010, there were 3385 registered players in the League. 

Mission Statement of the Brisbane Second Division Rugby League: 
To provide a second tier Rugby League competition in the QRL South East Division, giving all players the opportunity to play at an appropriate level and giving better players the chance to progress to the elite level.

Being achieved through:
  • Promoting Second Division Rugby League at all levels of the Queensland Rugby League and to the public at large
  • Organising and implementing the highest standard of competition, with a corresponding standard of play and facilities
  • Encouraging players with sufficient ability to move from Second Division to higher levels
  • Encouraging clubs with sufficient ability and resources to move from Second Division to higher levels 
  • Stemming the losses of teams and clubs from the competition
  • Encouraging, where appropriate, dual registrations with Division clubs, to encourage players to remain in the game
  • Maintaining a sound financial position for the League and encouraging clubs to maintain a similar situation
  • Maintaining and expanding sponsorship of the League
  • Maintaining and improving liaison with all other organisations within the QRL and the QRL South East Division
  • Developing a succession plan within the Executive of the League
  • Ensuring that all League and Club Officials are suitably qualified to perform their functions within the League
  • Ensuring that the League continues to have access to a home ground

Our logo:

When the QRL changed their logo several years ago and the use of the 'Q' for club logos was no longer deemed necessary, a new logo was needed. Committee members consulted over refreshments... and the new logo was formed. The use of Brisbane's iconic Story Bridge symbolises that the Brisbane Second Divsion Rugby League services both North and South sides of the river. Inclusion of the traditional Brisbane poinsettia flower was deemed necessary to continue with the institutional history. And so, we have the current logo.  


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