2012 Round 1 CBDJRL & ICCC Draw - Updated 13/04/12


Round 1 of the CBDJRL and ICCC competitions is now available.

The CBDJRL competition goes from U8 to U14 with U6 and U7 playing in non-competition mode.

The ICCC is for Canterbury teams from U15 to A/Grade. The ICCC proved to be a great success for Canterbury teams in 2011 with more teams playing senior football than in recent seasons with the options to play in more competitive divisions.

The U15 to U17 competitions will be played between teams from Canterbury, Balmain, St George, South Sydney and Eastern Suburbs.

The U19 age group will be played between teams from Canterbury, Balmain, St George, South Sydney, Eastern Suburbs and Western Suburbs.

The Open age groups will be played between teams from Canterbury, Balmain, St George and Western Suburbs.

There are Google Maps and Directions for all CBDJRL and ICCC venues.

Games are subject to kick off and venue changes. Stay tuned to the website for any last minute alterations and notifications.

The PDF Amendment version of the draw is available at the bottom of the article along with an attachment for matches at Hammondville Oval.

+ Amendment #1: Changes made at 1.30pm 11/04/12 concerning matches at Ruse Park (Saturday), Begnell Oval (Saturday) and Renown Park (Sunday).

* Amendment #2: Changes made at 11:30am 12/04/12. St Johns Won on Forfeit v Milperra U9D3. U8D3 match at Killara Reserve moved to 9.40am. Field allocations for matches at Hammondville Oval on Saturday with both the Main Field (F1) and Back Field (F2) in action. Hammondville ground allocations has been attached.

Amendment #3: Changes made at 11.15am 13/04/12. St Johns Won on Forfeit v St George Dragons U8D3. Bankstown Sports Won on Forfeit v Auburn U14D1. East Hills Won on Forfeit v St Johns U11D3. East Hills v Berala U11D2 at Smith Park moved to 11.50am. Bankstown Bulls Won on Forfeit v Chester Hill U16D1. St Johns v Moorebank U15D2 at Begnell Oval moved to 11.30am. St George Dragons v Bankstown Bulls U15D1 at Begnell Oval moved to 12.40pm.

For any further last minute changes please contact your Team Coach or Manager.


RUSE PARK (Stacey St South, Bankstown)
9:00  6D4 Bulls v Warriors 3*10ms
9:40  6D2 Bulls v Sports 3*10ms
10:20  7D2 Bulls v Warriors 3*10ms
11:00  8D2 Bulls v Chester Hill 3*10ms
11:40  U10D2 Bulls v Warriors 2*20ms
+12:30  U10D1 Bulls v St Johns 2*20ms
+1:40  U13D2 Bulls v Berala 2*25ms
+2:30  U13D1 Bulls v Tigers6 2*25ms
  9D1 Bulls v BYE 
  U11D3 Bulls v BYE 

STEVE FOLKES RES (McClean Cres, Georges Hall)
9:00  6D4 Sports v Milperra Colts4 3*10ms
9:40  6D3 Sports v Rhinos 3*10ms
10:20  8D1 Sports v St Christophers 6 3*10ms
11:00  9D3 Sports v Bulls 2*20ms
11:50  U10D1 Sports v Dragons W 2*20ms
12:40  U12D1 Sports v St Johns6 2*20ms
1:30  U14D2 Sports v St Johns8  2*25ms
^ U14D1 Sports WOF v Warriors LOF
  U11D2 Sports v BYE 
HAMMONDVILLE OVAL (Heathcote Rd, Hammondville)
9:00  6D4 Moorebank v Rhinos6 3*10ms
9:40  6D2 Moorebank v East Hills 3*10ms
10:20  6D1 Moorebank v Sports4 3*10ms
11:00  7D2 Moorebank v East Hills 3*10ms
11:40  7D1 Moorebank v Sports4 3*10ms
12:20  8D3 Moorebank v St Christophers 3*10ms
1:00  8D1 Moorebank v St Johns 3*10ms
9:00  U10D2 Moorebank v Milperra Colts4 2*20ms
9:50  U11D3 Moorebank v Warriors 2*20ms
10:40  U12D3 Moorebank v St Christophers 4 2*20ms
11:30  U12D1 Moorebank B v Moorebank W6 2*20ms
12:20  U13D2 Moorebank v St Christophers4 2*25ms
1:20  U13D1 Moorebank v Chester Hill 2*25ms
2:30  U14D1 Moorebank v St Christophers4 2*25ms
PETER HISLOP PARK (Everley Rd, Auburn)
9:00  6D3 Berala v St Johns8 3*10ms
9:40  7D3 Berala v Sports 3*10ms
10:20  8D2 Berala v Warriors 3*10ms
11:00  U10D1 Berala v Tigers8 2*20ms
11:50  U11D3 Berala v St Christophers 2 2*20ms
12:40  U12D2 Berala v St Johns W8 2*20ms
1:30  U14D1 Berala v Tigers 8 2*25ms
  7D2 Berala v BYE 
SMITH PARK (Lehn Rd, East Hills)
9:00  6D4 East  Hills v St Johns7 3*10ms
9:40  7D3 East Hills v Tigers8 3*10ms
10:20  8D2 East Hills v Tigers8 3*10ms
11:00  9D2 East Hills v St Christophers 5 2*20ms
^11:50  U11D2 East Hills v Berala 2*20ms
^  U11D3 East Hills WOF v St Johns LOF

KILLARA RESERVE (Killara Ave, Milperra)
*  U9D3 Milperra Colts LOF v St Johns WOF
*9:40  8D3 Milperra Colts v Sports 7 3*10ms
10:30  9D2 Milperra Colts v Rhinos6 2*20ms
11:20  U11D2 Milperra Colts v St Johns7 2*20ms
12:10  U12D3 Milperra Colts v Sports6 2*20ms
1:00  U12D2 Milperra Colts v Moorebank 2*20ms
  8D3 BYE v Rhinos6

CLEMTON PARK (Moorefields Rd, Kingsgrove)
9:00 6D2 Dragons v  Milperra Colts 3*10ms
9:40 7D3 Dragons v  Warriors 3*10ms
10:20 7D1 Dragons v  St Johns7 3*10ms
11:00 8D1 Dragons v  Tigers7 3*10ms
11:40 9D3 Dragons v  Moorebank6 2*20ms
12:30 9D1 Dragons v  Berala 2*20ms
1:20 U10D2 Dragons R v  Moorebank W6 2*20ms
2:10 U11D1 Dragons v  Moorebank6 2*20ms
3:00 U13D1 Dragons v  St Johns 5 2*25ms
 U14D2 Dragons v  BYE 
TERRY LAMB COMPLEX (Banool St, Chester Hill)
9:00 7D2 Chester Hill v  Sports 3*10ms
9:40 9D3 Chester Hill v  Warriors 2*20ms
10:30 9D1 Chester Hill v  Sports 2*20ms
11:20 U11D1 Chester Hill v  St Johns8 2*20ms
12:10 U12D3 Chester Hill v  Tigers 8 2*20ms
1:00 U12D2 Chester Hill v  Dragons 2*20ms
1:50 U14D2 Chester Hill v  East Hills 2*25ms
BILL DELAUNEY RES (The River Rd, Rev. Heights)
9:00 6D3 St Christophers v  Dragons 3*10ms
9:40 6D2 St Christophers v  Chester Hill 3*10ms
10:20 6D1 St Christophers v  Milperra Colts6 3*10ms
11:00 7D3 St Christophers v  Moorebank 6 3*10ms
11:40 7D1 St Christophers v  Tigers8 3*10ms
12:20 8D2 St Christophers v  Moorebank6 3*10ms
1:00 U10D1 St Christophers v  East Hills4 2*20ms
1:50 U11D1 St Christophers v  Sports4 2*20ms
2:40 U12D1 St Christophers v  Dragons 2*20ms
BEGNELL OVAL (Madeline St, Belfield)
+9:00 6D1 St Johns v  Bulls 3*10ms F1
+9:00 7D3 St Johns v  Chester Hill 3*10ms F2
^ 8D3 St Johns WOF v  Dragons LOF
+9:40 8D2 St Johns v  Milperra Colts 3*10ms F2
+10:20 9D1 St Johns v  Moorebank4 2*20ms 
+11:10 U12D3 St Johns v  Warriors 2*20ms 
+12:00 U13D2 St Johns v  Sports6 2*25ms 
 U14D1 St Johns v  BYE  
+1:00 SS St Johns v  Guildford  
+3:00 BRC St Johns v  Entrance  
Please note that two Mini games will be played at the same times.
ROBERTS PARK (Waterloo Rd, Greenacre)
9:00 6D4 Tigers v  Chester Hill 3*10ms
9:40 6D3 Tigers v  Moorebank6 3*10ms
10:20 6D1 Tigers v  Berala 3*10ms
11:00 9D3 Tigers v  East Hills4 2*20ms
11:50 U10D2 Tigers v  Chester Hill  2*20ms
12:40 U11D3 Tigers v  Chester Hill 2*20ms
1:30 U11D1 Tigers v  Bulls 2*20ms
2:20 U13D2 Tigers v  East Hills 2*25ms
3:20 U14D2 Tigers v  Milperra Colts 2*25ms
 U12D2 Tigers v  BYE 
 9D2 Tigers v  BYE 

STEVE FOLKES RES (McClean Cres, Georges Hall)
11:00 U15D3 Bankstown Sports v  Moorebank 2*25ms
12:15 U17 Bankstown Sports v  Earlwood 2*30ms
1:30 U19 Bankstown Sports v  St Christophers 2*30ms
3:00 A Gde Dragons v  Auburn Warriors 2*35ms

BEGNELL OVAL (Madeline St, Belfield)
11:30 U15D2 St Johns v  Moorebank 2*25ms
12:40 U15D1 Dragons v  Bulls 2*25ms
1:45 U16D1 St Johns v  Greenacre 2*30ms
3:00 U17D1 St Johns v   La Perouse 2*30ms
^ U16D1 Bulls WOF v  Chester Hill LOF

KILLARA RESERVE (Killara Ave, Milperra)
10:00 U16D2 Dragons v  Earlwood 2*30ms
11:15 U16D2 Colts v  Maqscot Juniors 2*30ms
12:30 U17D1 Colts v  Arncliffe Scots 2*30ms
1:45 19D2 East Hills v  Ingelburn RSL 2*30ms
3:00 AR D1 St Christophers v  Burwood/Nth Ryde 2*35ms

PETER HISLOP PARK (Everley Rd, Auburn)
10:15 U15D3 Berala v  Greenacre 2*25ms
11:20 U15D2 St Christophers v  Coogee 2*25ms
12:30 U16D2 Berala v  Moorebank 2*30ms
1:45 U19D1 Dragons v  Dundas 2*30ms
3:00 AR D1 Berala v  All Saints 2*35ms

HV EVATT PARK (Forest Rd & Ponderosa Pl, Lugarno)
10:00  U15D2 Rhinos v Penshurst RSL 2*25ms

RENOWN PARK (Judd St & Panorama St, Mortdale)
+11:10  U15D2 Regents Pk v Renown United 2*25ms
+12:15  U17D2 Regents Pk v Renown United 2*30ms
+1:35  U17D2 East Hills v Brighton Seagulls 2*30ms

SCARBOROUGH PARK (Barton St, Kogarah)
11:30  U17D2 East Hills v Brighton Seagulls 2*30ms

BIRCHGROVE OVAL (Grove St, Balmain)
12:20  U15D3 Rhinos v Concord Burwood 2*25ms

HOLY CROSS COLLEGE (Frank St, Gladesville)
1:50  U16D1 Sports v Holy Cross 2*30ms

MASCOT OVAL (Coward & O'Riordan St, Mascot) - Ent Fee
12:15  U16D1 Rhinos v Mascot Juniors 2*30ms

SNAPE PARK (Storey St, Maroubra)
11:45  U17D1 Bulls v Coogee Randwick 2*30ms

WAVERLEY OVAL (Bondi Rd & Park Pde, Bondi)
12:20  U16D2 Greenacre Tigers v Clovelly Crocs 2*30ms

U15D1 Greenacre   BYE
U19D1 Bulls   BYE
A Gde Moorebank   BYE


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