Group 2 All Schools

During 2014 the NRL Game Development in conjunction with Group 2 Junior Rugby League will be running the All Schools Carnival for Primary Schools District in the form of a Round Robin Gala Day. The All Schools Carnival has four different playing divisions. Opens A, Opens B, 10A and 10B. (Category A is schools that have more than 200 children in their primary population years 3-6 and category B is for schools with less than 200 children years 3-6 in their primary population.


Category A schools (200 or more students Year 3-6) will play on Tuesday 3rd June 2014

Category B schools (200 or less students Year 3-6) will play on Tuesday 3rd June 2014


The day will commence at approx 9.30am and finish at 2:30pm.


The 2014 Group 2 All School’s carnival will be held at Geoff King Motors Oval, Coffs Harbour


To enter the Group 2 All Schools Carnival, all your school has to do is fill out the nomination form from Brandon Costin and email it back to NRL Gaame development Officer :  by Friday 23rd May 2014

Once your school has nominated a rulebook will be sent to your school along with team registration sheets and a draw will be sent out on Tuesday 27th May.