Gold for the Cooks in Laser event

Helema William and Teau McKenzie picked Gold today on the Ladies Team Laser, also Helema picked up a gold in the Ladies Singles Laser, the men picked up silver in the Men's Team Laser behind New Caledonia and infront of Team Samoa.


Helema maintain her lead...

Helema Williams maintains her lead after race 4 with 5 points and Teau McKenzie finishing 2nd in Race 3 and 4 with 17 points and still within the middle of the pack. Both girls are looking good for medals, and again Helema looking at maintaining her crown as Pacific Laser Champion.

Both girls will be having a rest tomorrow with the boys having the Hobbie Mix and the Men's Laser Race 3 & 4.

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HOBIE CATS - Tuesday August 30th - Friday September 9th

LASER - Monday August 29th - Froday September 9th

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