Life Members

Blanche Lola Beg

1st Club President and founder of HACKERS.  Blanche currently resides in Christchurch more -->

Tracey Paueli

First Vice President and founding member of HACKERS.  Tracey is still finding her way back to the turf ;o) more -->

Doris Nakaora

Founding Member and Former Vice President
more -->

Vika Nakaora

- Founding Member

- Current Captain

- Current Treasurer

more -->

Hanisevae Visanti

- Founding Member

- 1st Captain

- Former Secretary

- Current Vice President

more -->

Hansaupiri Sautu

Founding Member and Executive Member more -->

Litia Savu

- Current President

- Former Captain

more -->

Tami Griffiths

Former Secretary and Captain more -->

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