General Assembly Meeting Papers

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2015 ONOC General Assembly Suva FIJI

2015 ONOC Assembly Agenda

Agenda for the 32nd ONOC General Assembly


Ag Item 6 ONOC President's Report

Review of the 2014 Activities of ONOC


Ag Item 7 ONOC Secretary General's report

Summary of the activities of the Secretariat


Article 7b Media and Communications Report

Brief report on the activities of the new Department of Media and Communications.


Ag Item 9a Athletes Commission Report

Review of the Athletes Commission activities by the Chair of the Commission Barbara Kendall


Ag Item 9a (i) VOA Report

Review of the activities of ONOC's Voices of the Athletes programme


AG Item 9b Medical Commission Report

Review of the 2014 activities of the Commission by Chairman Dr Chris Milne


Ag Item 9c Women in Sports Report

Review of the 2014 activities of the Oceania Women in Sports Commission by Chair Helen Brownlee


Ag Item 9d Oceania Sports Education Programme

Reivew of the activites of OSEP by Programme Manager Sainimili Talatoka


Ag Item 10 Executive Director's Report

Summary of the 2014 ONOC Olympic Solidarity programme by the Executive Director of ONOC, Dennis Miller


Ag Item 11 Oceania Australia Foundation Report

Summary report of the Activities of the Oceania Australia Foundation Board by the Chairman Kevan Gosper


Ag Item 12 Oceania Regional Antidoping Organisatio

Overview of the activities of the Oceania Regional Antidoping Organisation by the Director Natanya Potoi Ulia


Ag Item 13 OSFO Report

Summary of the activities of the Organisation of Sports Federations of Oceania by Kevan Gosper / Chet Gray


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