Antoine Boudier

Current President of VASANOC (since 16th of October 2009).

Executive member of VASANOC from 1999 to October 2009.

Antoine was re-relected as VASANOC President in 2013 and will serve in this post for another term until 2017.

He is in charge of Policy & Planning in VASANOC. 

Email: president.vasanoc@vanuatu.com.vu or management@vateelectrics.vu or vasanoc@vanuatu.com.vu  

Sport Involvements:

Vice President of Oceania Archery from 2001 to 2005;

Also the current President of Vanuatu Archery Association since 1999;

Team Manager of Archery to the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia; 

Chef de Mission for Team Vanuatu to the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China;

Participates in Motocross, Rallyes, Rowing and Horse riding.


Manager of Vate Electrics company since 2000.

His term as President of VASANOC ends in 2013.

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Cyrille Mainguy

Cyrille was elected as new Secretary Generalof VASANOC in 2011. He is former national Tennis rep and is currently President of Vanuatu Tennis and also a Vice-president of Oceania Tennis Federation.

He has also represented Vanuatu and Oceania as Captain of the Oceania Davis Cup Team.

Cyrille is a Civi Engineer by profession. His email is cmg@vanuatu.com.vu

His term as SG ends in 2015

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Yannick Jacobe

Yannick is President of the Vanuatu Squash Federation and is currently a National rep for the sport. He is also a member of the Vanuatu Athlete's Commission and is also the VASANOC Treasurer.

His background is Accounting and he is in charge of Finances in VASANOC.

His email is yannick.jacobe@yahoo.fr

His term on the Board expires on 2015.

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Seru Victor Korikalo

Seru Korikalo

A founding member of the Vanuatu NOC in 1987 and Secretary General of NOC from 1987 then of VASANOC from 1991 to 2011.

Email: seruvk@gmail.com

Sport Involvement:

His name synonymous with athletics in Vanuatu after having the country's first Team Gold Medal in the South Pacific Games in 1969 4x100m Relay.

In 2005, he was requested to be in the Working Group to review and reestablish Vanuatu Athletics Federation, of which he is currently the Secretary General.

Was awarded an award by ONOC in 2011 for Longtime services to sports in Vanuatu.

Seru was re-elected into VASANOC Board in 2011 and his term is until 2015.


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Joe Bomal Carlo

Joe Bomal Carlo

He is responsible for International Events/Affairs/Games in VASANOC

Email: joe_bomal_carlo@yahoo.com or vasanoc@vanuatu.com.vu

Sports involvement:

Currently employed as CEO of Vanuatu2017 Organizing Committee and was former CEO of Vanuatu National Sports Council;

Chairman of Vanuatu National Games Council;

Immediate Past President of VASANOC;

Executive Board Member of VASANOC since 16th of October 2009 and was re-elected in 2013 for another term until 2017;

Played Golf, Rugby & Soccer;

First President of Vanuatu Rugby Union;

ONOC Executive Member since 1999;

Longtime Sports journalist/reporter with VBTC;

President of VASANOC from 1991 to 2009;

Executive Member of ONOC since 1999. Currently Executive Board Member of ANOC.


A 1st PA, Ministry of Internal Affairs;

Town Clerk of Port Vila Municipal Council;

Member of Parliament and Minister of Finance & Acting PM in early 2000s;

General Manager of VBTC;

Commissioner of Labour;

First General Manager of VNPF;

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Eileen Nganga

Eileen Nganga

Executive member from 2002 to current.

Eileen was re-elected to VASANOC Board in 2011 and her term is until 2015.

She is in charge of National Development in VASANOC.

Email: eileennganga@gmail.com or vasanoc@vanuatu.com.vu  

Sport Involvment:

Immediate Past President of Vanuatu Netball Association;

Helped set-up Vanuatu Women In Sports Commission;

Attended Oceania WIS Meetings;

Attended ANOC WIS Meetings;

Chef de Mission, 2006 Team Vanuatu to the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne;

Deputy Chef de Mission for the 2003 Team Vanuatu to the Fiji SPG & the 2011 Team Vanuatu to NC2011;

She has also Chaired the organisation of the Olympic Day & Sports Festivals in Vila since 2010 and has also chaired the QBR LOC in 2010 and 2013.


Eileen is also the PNG Honorary Consul in Vanuatu and is an Accountant by profession.

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Emmeline Lulu

Executive Member elected on Annual General Meeting of VASANOC hold the 16th of October 2009.

Emmeline was re-elected in 2013 and will serve another term until 2017.

She is responsible for Women In Sports Development in VASANOC.

Email: emrose4@hotmail.com or vasanoc@vanuatu.com.vu

Sport Involvement:

Currently Secretary General of Vanuatu Women In Sports Commission;

Currently the Secretary General of Vanuatu Table-Tennis Federation;

Winner, Gold Medal (with "Golden Girls), in 2003 SPG, 2004 Pacific Cup and 2005 SPMG;

Member, National Table-Tennis Team, 1995-2005;


Longtime staff at the Le Lagon Hotel in Vila.

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William Bae Worwor

William is a member of the Vanuatu Volleyball Federation and was President of this Federation.

He has also been national coach of the Men and Women's Beach Volleyball teams coaching them at Oceania Championships and FIVB events.

He has attended the Australian Volleyball Coach Education Seminar.

He is a qualified Training and HR Development Manager for the Vanuatu Meterogical Department.

His term as VASANOC Board Member is until 2017.

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Allan Kalfabun

Allan is currently Club Captain at the Vanuatu Rowing Association (VRA) and Manager of the National Rowing Team. He has participated in the Australia Youth Olympic Festival.

His professional life includes a Bachelor in International Relations and he is currently Marketing Manager for Vanuatu Tourism.

His term is from 2013 to 2017.

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