Olympic Solidarity Programs

Olympic Solidarity Programs 2009-2012 Introduction & Guidelines

This is the Introduction to the Olympic Solidarity Programs for 2009 to 2012.more

Olympic Solidarity Programs 2009-2012 Programmes Outline


Olympic Solidarity Programs 2009-2012 Management & Structure

The attachment is a brief overview of the Management & Structure of Olympic Solidarity Programs for the 2009-2012 Olympiad.

Also go to the Olympic Solidarity in the Partners Section of this site for more information or contact Olympic Solidarity at

Olympic Solidarity
Villa Mon Repos
Parc Mon Repos 1
Case Postale 1374
CH-1001 Lausanne

Tel: 41 21 310 26 00
Fax: 41 21 310 26 99
E-mail: solidarity@olympic.org .more

NOC Legacy Program

To encourage the NOCs to preserve their national Olympic and Sport history and heritage.more

Culture & Education Program

To encourage NOCs and their NOAs (National Olympic Academies) to be actively involved in the promotion of Culture and Olympic Education and to undertake, implement and adopt programmes and initiatives in this field.more

International Olympic Academy (IOA) Program

To educate, spread and protect the ideals of the Olympic Movement and encourage the NOCs and the NOAs to send participants to the different sessions of the International Olympic Academy (IOA), in order to study and implement educational and social principles of Olympism.more

Sport For All Progam

To promote sport in general and the practice of physical activities throughout all levels of society.

VASANOC has been participating in this through the annual Olympic Day Fun Run which is subsidized from this Program.

Guidelines attached.more

Women In Sport Program

To encourage NOCs to reinforce, launch and implement a series of actions in order to promote awareness of women in sport and to increase participation of women in all levels of sport both in practice and in administration.

VASANOC successfully applied for this program in 2005 which resulted in the formation of the Women In Sports Commission for Vanuatu.

Guidelines attached for your information.more

Sport and Environment Program

To encourage the NOCs to be actively involved in the field of sport and environment and to undertake, implement and adopt programmes and initiatives, using sport as a tool for sustainable development.

Guidelines are attached for more information.more

Sport Medicine Program

To develop and diffuse scientific knowledge and techniques in sports medicine.

VASANOC successfully applied for this in 1993 and 2007.

Guidelines are attached for further information.more

Development of National Sport Structures

Development of sport in certain countries is often hindered by the national sport & coaching structure is disorganised or non-existent.more

Olympic Scholarship for Coaches

The main objective of this programme is to offer coaches access to high-level further training, experience and knowledge, which they will then use to benefit their respective national sports structures.

Olympic Solidarity is looking to continue the training possibilities available during the 2001-2004 quadrennial, and at the same time offer increasingly specific solutions to NOC needs.

VASANOC successfully applied for this program for the first-time in 2005 for Table-Tennis and again for Archery this year.

Guidelines are attached for more information.more

Technical Courses for Coaches

The main objective of the technical courses programme is to provide basic training to coaches – officially recognised as such – through courses led by an expert from another country.

During the 2005–2008 quadrennium, particular focus will be laid on advance planning of the training courses and holding these in line with the rules established by the International Federations (IF) for this kind of training.

The basic idea is to allow for a “standardisation” of the training given to coaches around the world, providing a quality and performance benchmark for NOCs and their national sports structures (national federations, coaches, athletes, etc.).

Since 2004, VASANOC (with support from ONOC who manage this program) have been encouraging it's eligible Federations to use this to subsidize costs for the employment of Development Officers. Sports like Table-Tennis and Tennis have taken this approach.more

Continental & Regional Games Preparation Grants

This program offers technical and financial assistance to continental level athletes for their preparation prior to their participation in multi-sports continental and regional games.more

Team Support Grants

This program offers technical and financial assistance to one national team per NOC to prepare and participate in the 2012 London Games or in an international, continental or regional competition.

Guidelines are in the attachment and application forms can be obtained from VASANOC Haus.more

Olympic Scholarship for Athletes for London 2012

The only Vanuatu Athlete to have been such a Scholarship in Moses Kamut who was at the High Performance Training Center (HPTC) in New Zealand in preparation for the Beijing Games.

Such programs are available for all the Olympic Games, winter and summer editions.

More information on this program is in the attachment.more

Talent ID Program

One of the principal objectives of the Olympic Movement and VASANOC is to help the youth of the world and to offer young, promising athletes, symbols of the future, the possibility to progress to elite sporting levels.
The main objective of this programme is therefore to assist the NOCs to discover young athletes who show a particular sporting talent.more
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