Drug-Free Sport Vanuatu

VASANOC signed the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code on 25 February 2004 followed by the Vanuatu Government’s signing on 15 October that same year. 


This Code is morally and politically binding and signatories recognized it as the foundation in the world-wide fight against doping in sports.


Vanuatu became a member of the Oceania Anti-Doping Organization (ORADO) in 2006 and is represented in the ORADO Board by Mr Timothy Phat and Mr Ancel Nalau representating the Government and NOC respectively.


Vanuatu hosted the ORADO Assembly and a WADA Education Seminar in 2008.


In 2009 VASANOC helped establish the Drug-Free Sport Vanuatu (DFSV) and in 2010, the Vanuatu Government signed the ratification instruments for the UNESCO Convention on Anti—Doping.


Vanuatu’s first-ever doping test was held in Port Vila in November 2011.


For further information on DFSV, contact Mr Timothy Phatu on tvatu@vanuatu.gov.vu 




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