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Haley Nemra

Marshall Islands Athletic Federation

The Marshall Islands Athletics Federation has one of the greatest potentials for success. The concept that it is, for the most part, an individual sport will strengthen its future and talent identification is easier than for other sports.

President Jeimata Nokko Kabua with player

Marshall Islands Baseball / Softball Federation

The Marshall Islands Softball/ Baseball Federation continues to be very active following their silver medal win at the Micronesian Games last year. Both men's and women's softball provided great competition during the First Annual RMI National Games. For the first time, women played under new fast-pitch guidelines. Also, the MISBF developed a second softball field in town.more

Marshall Islands Basketball Federation

Basketball continues to be the most popular men's sport in the Marshall Islands. However, there is an increased interest by females due to the year-round leagues and the availability of basketball courts in each community.more
XII FINA World Championships in Melbourne

Marshall Islands Swimming Federation

A team of five swimmers, including Solidarity Elite Athlete Scholarship recipient Jared Heine, competed at the XII FINA World Championships in Melbourne, Australia.more
President Luon Erakdrik coaching youngster

Marshall Islands Table Tennis Federation

Over 50 men and women participated in the table tennis competition during the First Annual RMI National Games. Much of this interest was generated through the work Marshall Islands Table Tennis Federation President Luon Erakdrik is doing to organize intramural school tournaments.more
Anju Jason wins gold at Oceania qualifying event in New Caledonia

Marshall Islands Taekwondo Federation

Anju Jason earned the gold medal in his weight class, defeating athletes from both Australia and New Zealand. His gold medal win qualifies him to represent RMI and compete at the Olympic Games in Beijing. It also earned him a place of honor in the RMI history books as the first Marshallese athlete to ever qualify for an Olympic Games.more

Marshall Islands Volleyball Federation

Volleyball continues to be the most popular women's sport in the Marshall Islands. However, the sport is growing in popularity with men due the organization of year-round leagues and the ready availability of nets through the communities. There are active intramural elementary and high school leagues. Volleyball generated great competition during the First Annual RMI National Games in May.more

Marshall Islands Weightlifting Federation

The Marshall Islands Weightlifting Federation is experiencing a resurgence after several years of limited activity. They have recruited many of their former members to again become involved in the development of the sport. MINOC President Ken Kramer is personally investing much time and energy into the further development of this federation, which has the potential to field some very competitive athletes.more
Waylon Muller vs. India at World Championships

Marshall Islands Wrestling Federation

The Marshall Islands Wrestling Federation boasted two medals the South Pacific Games: Waylon Muller took a silver medal and Jeton Anjain won a bronze.more
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