Executive Board


David Collins - Elected in 2013. Mr Collins is one of the most recognised sports figures in Kiribati. He is well known in the sport circles as well as in business circles. His involvement and vast experience in the major sports of Soccer and Basketball he brings to enrich the KNOC Executive. He regularly represents KNOC at various international and domestic meetings and has been a CDM for Team Kiribati on various occassions. Mr Collins previously held the position of Vice President of KNOC.

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Vice President

Kobebe Taitai - Elected to the position of Vice President in March of 2015. Mr Taitai represents the sport of Powerlifting and has been an active Executive Board member of the sport for more than 10 years.

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Vice President (Women)

Ms Josephine Reiher - was brought in by the KNOC Executive Board to replace the incumbent who had resigned due to family commitments. Ms Reiher brings in her experience of Community engagement gained through the Australia aided Pacific Sport Partnership Program. She currently works for FSP-K (Foundation of the South Pacific - Kiribati).  

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Kautu Temakei - is the first elected Secretary General of KNOC since May of 2015. Mr. Temakei brings in his vast experience as a sports professional of over 10 years. Mr. Temakei has held various positions in sports organisations and was the Project Coordinator for the AusAiid funded Kiribati Community Club project. Mr. Temakei brings in his vast knowledge in sports administration to the role of Secretary General

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Ted Isopo - started in 2014. Mr Isopo is an avid sports fan and keen soccer person. He is currently working as a civil servant with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development in the Internal Audit department. He brings in his experience from his line of work and at the same time his sports experience gained through the involvement in various committee for soccer. His contribution to the role of Treasurer of the organisation is pivotal as KNOC tries to move forward into the future.

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Athlete Representative

Kaitinano Mwemweata - Ms Mwemweata is the President of the Kiribati Athletes Commission since 2014. She bings to the role of Athlete Representative her vast experience of representing Kiribati at various regional and international competitions the highlight of which she was the first female to represent Kiribati at the Olympics in its first Olympic Games in Athen in 2004. Kaitinano is not into only athletics but is also a keen football, taekwondo and volleyball enthusiast. She brings in a vast eperience from an athletes point of view towards the development of KNOC.

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Up coming event!

OSEP training for Kiribati Teachers College Final Year students 

SiC 5 Jul, 19 Jul & 26 Jul

CC&O 2 Aug, 9 Aug & 16Aug


Te Runga 2017 / Kiribati National Championship 2017

26 August - 9 Septemebr 2017




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