Chief Executive Officer

Rota Onorio - Mr Onorio started at KNOC in 2010. He is a keen Basketball Player and a former National Rep. He brings to KNOC his experience as a basketball admininstrator and as a former Industry Officer working with Government.

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Office Manager

Tebataua Karotu is the Office Manager and is responsible for ensuring that the KNOC Office runs smoothly. She is also responsible for keeping records of all transactions that the KNOC undertakes and assists and support the KNOC Treasurer in maintaining proper accounting records.

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Sports Education Officer

Tenoa Betene - Mr.Betene started with KNOC in Spetember of 2014.

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CGA Administrative Officer

Mr Baantarawa Ietimeta

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Up coming event!

OSEP training for Kiribati Teachers College Final Year students 

SiC 5 Jul, 19 Jul & 26 Jul

CC&O 2 Aug, 9 Aug & 16Aug


Te Runga 2017 / Kiribati National Championship 2017

26 August - 9 Septemebr 2017




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