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Organisation Description 

The Kiribati National Olympic Committee (KNOC) was founded in November, 2002 and officially gained International Olympic (IOC) recognition in the month of June, 2003. Kiribati then participated in its first Olympic Games in Athens, Greece in 2004. KNOC is:

  • one of 204 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) affiliated to the International Olympic Committee (IOC)
  • one of 17 members of the Association of Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC)      
  • a member of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC),
  • a member of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) and 
  • a member of the Pacific Games Council (PGC) representing Kiribatis national sporting interests.

In addition to the Olympic Games, KNOC is also organisation responsible for the participation of Kiribati in the Commonwealth Games, Pacific Games and the Pacific Mini-Games.


Promote excellence in sports


To increase participation and achieve excellence in sport through the implementation of sport programmes and development pathways for all


Friendship - having a common goal, shared responsibility and recognition, and a willingness to respect and listen to each other.

Gender Balance - recognising the equal abilities of women and stiving to give them equal opportunities to participate in any capacity.

Sportsmanship and Fair Play - ensure that all involved (players, officials, administrators, spectators and family) understand that international rules are vitally important and abiding by them enables fair comparison, competition and judgement of standards

Self Discipline - whatever your contribution is to a sport, self discipline enables you to apply yourself to your task (aiming at excellence), control your personal behaviour (as a role model) and abide by the rules, whatever the temptation


In line with responsibilities under the Olympic Charter established by the International Olympic Committee, the Kiribati National Olympic Committee (KNOC) is required to promote the ideals and concepts of the Olympic Movement (friendship, solidarity and fair play), the development of sport for all (grass-roots sport development) and elite performance.

In addition, the Kiribati National Olympic Committee has identified key result areas of which it would focus its operations over a two year planned period. These include:

1. Governance - To implement good governance in all aspects of its operations 

2. Management - To establish an efficient and effective management system/program within KNOC 

3. Sport Activity - Improve the standard of sport in Kiribati 

4. Communication - Strengthen information sharing systems 

5. Human Resource - Enhance competencies through equal training opportunities

6. Finance - To identify and secure current and additional sources of funding for sustainability of sport in Kiribati

7. Human Resource - Establish and provide a well supported sport infrastructure


KNOC’s affiliate membership is comprised of 15 National Sport Federations.

  1. Kiribati Amateur Boxing Association
  2. Kiribati Archery Federation
  3. Kiribati Athletics Association
  4. Kiribati Badminton Federation
  5. Kiribati Basketball Federation
  6. Kiribati Island Football Association
  7. Kiribati National Canoeing Federation
  8. Kiribati National Touch Association
  9. Kiribati National Volleyball Federation
  10. Kiribati National Weightlifting Federation
  11. Kiribati Power lifting Federation
  12. Kiribati Table Tennis Association
  13. Kiribati Tennis Association
  14. Kiribati Wrestling Federation
  15. Sports Taekwondo Kiribati
  16. Kiribati Surfing Association

Through its member National Federations, KNOC has the dual responsibility of developing both elite sporting excellence as well as generating community participation in sports.

In supporting the National Federations, KNOC provides leadership and direction to assist them in securing funding, improving performance and management practices, financial accountability and compliance with KNOC policies and guidelines, such as anti-doping, team selection, management and good governance.

It also facilitates the provision of sports services in the areas of sports science and medicine, high performance, competition and event management, women in sport and human resource management.

Up coming event!

OSEP training for Kiribati Teachers College Final Year students 

SiC 5 Jul, 19 Jul & 26 Jul

CC&O 2 Aug, 9 Aug & 16Aug


Te Runga 2017 / Kiribati National Championship 2017

26 August - 9 Septemebr 2017




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