President Secretary Report 2009



The Executive Board of the Nauru Olympic Committee in 2009-2012.

Hon. Marcus Stephen MP Mr. Pres-Nimes Ekona

President General Seceretary

Vice President : Mrs. Marissa Cook

Executive Board: Mr. Lui Eoaeo

Mr. Sean Openhimer

Mr.Dogabe Jeremiah

Mr.Aaron Cook

Mrs. Marjorie Deireragea

Ms. Celestine Eoaeo

Sport Development Officer : Dominic Cain

Sports Federation affiliated with the Nauru Olympic Committee:

  1. Weightlifting
  2. Power lifting
  3. Basketball
  4. Tennis
  5. Table Tennis
  6. Cycling
  7. Boxing
  8. Wrestling
  9. Badminton
  10. Judo
  11. Volleyball
  12. Taekwondo
  13. Softball
  14. Swimming
  15. Canoeing
  16. Golf
  17. Athletics

As President of the Nauru Olympic Committee, I have the honor to present the following report.

The 2009 report begins with the holding of the Annual General Meeting held on 20th January 2009. By vote of the committee, I was elected the 2nd President of the Nauru Olympic Committee taking the helm of the NOC from my fellow colleague Vinson Detenamo who had the distinction of being the 1st President of the Nauru Olympic Committee. The assembly further elected Marisa Cook to serve as V- President, and Nimes Ekwona as Secretary General. Other members of sports federations elected to hold office as Board of Directors included. : Lui Eoaeo. Marjorie Deireregea, Aaron Cook, Celestine Eoaeo, Sean Oppenheimer and Dogabe Jeremiah. These officers constitute the rank of the Executive Board Members.

Visit by IOC/ONOC officials.

The NOC was privileged to be visited by Nicole Girard Savoy (IOC ) and Dennis Miller (ONOC) whose visit was part of an ongoing region wide IOC audit mission set up to audit and assist NOC’s to better manage their overall functions. The audited process exposed certain weaknesses within our system of management. A preliminary draft report prepared by the mission is currently receiving our attention. Madam Savoy and Dennis Miller gave valuable information and insights on how to get the most out of the financial support made available through IOC/ONOC grants. A great degree of interest was generated by their exposition and the merits of putting in place a good financial system and a proven office management practice.


A direct consequence of the above visit was the introduction of MYOB to promote accountable and transparent practices to improve the office management and financial management of NOC.  Stage one of the course has been successfully completed and the 2nd phase of the course will began in the months ahead.  It is encouraging to see that the staff of the NOC and other Directors taking an interest in the course. By implementation of MYOB, it will be easy to manage all accounts and the financial report can be printed on daily basis.  This will make the work easy for auditors to audit the NOC accounts in future. The MYOB program will begin from July this year after completion of the training by the consultant. It is to be hoped that the desired outcome of the training will serve to improve the overall  performance and of the NOC on financial matters.

National Activities :

Our focus on weightlifting continues since it is the major sports in Nauru for its achievements on winning medals at International levels . Both Itte Detenamo and Yukio Peter are under the National Activity programme to support their training at the Oceania Weightlifting Institute in New Caledonia.  At the 2009 World Weightlifting Championship held in Korea. Itte Detenamo placed 12th in the Super heavy weight 105+ category and Yukio Peter placed 10th in the 77kg category. Both lifters took part in the Arafura games and won Gold Medals in their respective categories. Yukio Peter has been awarded as the Best lifter with a total lift of 349kg with 438.625 Sinclair formula points.

The Boxing Federation has also been approved by Executive Board to be added in the Pilot Scheme. Boxer Jake Ageidu had attended the AIBA World Boxing Championship which was held in Milan Italy. During this year with the assistance of ONOC, Jake fought tremendously however lost against a much experienced opponent. There is a tremendous improvement in the Boxing activities on Nauru and I am taking this opportunity to congratulate the President of the Boxing Federation in Nauru for his efforts in improving the sport. 

Olympic Day 2009:

Olympic Day for 2009 was held on the island on 22ndJune. As it is in the past, the NOC with the assistance of a number of sporting federations was able to organize successfully the logistics required for the day. The NOC is relatively please with the general respond and the participation of the public despite the presence of a strain of the dreaded swine flu on the island. There was also positive respond by the schools which resulted in a marked increase of lower age schoolers taking part in the day’s activities. The theme for the day was the celebration of the concept of Olympic values with strong emphasizes on educating the younger members of the community through learning mode. The Commission for Women in Sports with their affiliates were active on a number of the outdoor activities prepared for women and signaled the growing number of women taking part in sporting activities.

Rarotonga Mini Games 2009:

The NOC dispatched a relatively small contingent of competitors to the South Pacific Mini Games held in Rarotonga , Cook islands between 21st September to 2nd October 2009 Mini Games. Team Nauru achieved excellent results with the Weighting lifting Team winning 6 gold medals, 3 silver and the Boxing Team taking out two gold medals and one silver.

Naoero Games 2009:

One of the best developments of sport on Nauru in recent times took place on the island on 7th November 2009 when the launching of Naoero Games 2009. With just 8 of the 15 strong member federation taking part in the games programme, the games was a success attracting over 800 sportsman and sportswomen to take part in the various events over a 7 day period. The participation by a large number of the sports federation was pleasing and with it brings the hope that next year’s games will be even bigger. Many thanks to the ONOC for allowing Brian Minikin to overstay his visit to Nauru thus allowing him to organize the event to take place within a short period of time. Much has been learnt from Brian’s organizational skills and knowledge of sports. Brian was also instrumental in re-organizing the affairs of the Volley Ball federations by conducting workshops during his stay.

Olympic Youth Games 2010:

As part of the programme for the upcoming Olympic Youth Games in Singapore for 2010, two youth

delegates from Nauru attended a 4 days Olympic Youth Camp in Singapore during December 2009. The Chef de Mission for the Singapore Youth Olympic Games, Mr. Aaron Cook reported that the two youths were overwhelmed by the experience gain from interacting with other youths from around the world. The theme of the meeting was effective toward promoting better understanding by our youths of the importance of sports and friendship in dismantling cultural barriers. Nauru is preparing a total of four young athletes for Youth Olympics.

Commonwealth Games New Delhi 2010:

Two of Nauru’s top weightlifting athletes are in full preparation for the Commonwealth Games to be held in New Delhi, India in October this year. Mr. Sean Oppenheimer has been appointed Chef de Mission and will be in charge of Nauru’s push to win gold at the games.

The Queens Baton Relay will be on Nauru from 3rd May to 7th May 2010 on its way to New Delhi in time for the commencement of the 2010 Commonwealth Games.


NOC Head Office:

Discussion between the NOC and the Owners of the old Cinema complex at the Civic Centre in Aiwo where the NOC office is currently located is nearing finalization and execution of the relevant contract.

Tatts lotto:

The NOC is currently reviewing the terms and conditions of the agreement and hopes to sign the contract of negotiation between Government and Tatts Lotto (Aust).

Other Activities:

During the course of the year, several workshops and meetings held within the region which were attended by NOC delegates or representatives included:

a. The Olympic Value Education Programme held in Suva on 24th July 31st July

a. 2009 was attended by Dominic Cain.

b. The Commissioner for Women in Sports Mrs. Marjorie Deireragea attended a workshop in Guam in October 2009.

c. The Sports and Environment Meeting in Samoa in 2009 was delegated to V-President Marissa Cook.

d. The NOC commissioned Mr. Dominic Cain to attend a familiarisation course with Sporting Pulse with regards with their Data Base programme in Melbourne, Australia from 19th to 27th October 2009. The programme was successfully implemented by the NOC with the running of the Naoero Games last November.

e. At the invitation of the PNG Olympic Committee in August 2009, the President and Secretary General attended a presentation of PNG bid for the Pacific Games 2015.


  • Thanks to Dr. Robin Mitchell and the entire crew of O.N.O.C for their invaluable support.
  • Thank you also to the I.O.C through Pere Mero and Nicole Girard Savoy for continuous support.
  • We acknowledge and thank the Government of Nauru and its instrumentalities for their generous support.
  • Thank you to our only sponsor Capelle and Partner for all they have provided and assisted us with throughout the years.
  • To all our volunteers & supporters of our Nauru Olympic Committee for their valuable support.
  • To our colleagues at the Nauru Olympic Committee we thank them for their support and contribution and sincerely hope that 2010 will be a more rewarding year.

H.E Marcus Stephen MP Mr.Pres-Nimes Ekona

                  President                                             Secretary General

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