Executive Board Members

Ricardo C. Blas

-President of the GNOC (Guam National Olympic Committee)
-1988 Olympian-Seoul, Korea
-Oceania Judo Gold Medalist
-Current Vice President of ONOC (Oceania National Olympic Committee)
-Executive member of ANOC (Association of National Olympic Committee)
-Past president of the OJU (Oceania Judo Union) and past vice president of the IJF (International Judo Federation)
-Past president of South Pacific Games Council
-East Asian Games Executive Council Member
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Gordon T.C. Chu

-Vice President of Guam National Olympic Committee
-President of Guam Bowling Congress
-President of Guam Wushu Federation
-President of Guam Dragon Boat Federation
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Robert J. Steffy

-Secretary General/Treasurer of the Guam National Olympic Committee
-President of the Oceania Softball Federation
-President of the Guam Amateur Softball Federation
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Tasi Ada

Board Member, Guam National Olympic Committee

President, Guam National Athletes Commission

Current, Guam National Rugby Athlete

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