Cook Islands Olympians

1988 Seoul/Korea

Chef de Mission           Hugh Henry (CISOA President)


ATHLETICS                  William Taramai                       

                                 Erin Tierney                            


BOXING                       Zekaraia Williams         Flyweight (51kg)         lost in first round

                                  Richard Pittman           Featherweight (57kg)lost in third round

                                  Tereapii Maea              Lightweight (60kg)      lost in second round


WEIGHTLIFTING          Joseph Kauvai            

                               Michael Tererui           




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1992 Barcelona/Spain

Chef de Mission           Terry Hagen (CISOA President)


ATHLETICS                  Mark Sherwin               Men’s 100m                 11.53sec


WEIGHTLIFTING          Sam Pera Snr              


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1996 Atlanta/USA

Chef de Mission           James Little (CISOA Snr Vice President)

Admin Delegate           Vainga Tonga (Sports Development Officer)


ATHLETICS                  Mark Sherwin               Men’s 100m

                                Ray Preston                Manager / Coach                    


SAILING                    Turia Vogel                  Women’s Board Sailing


WEIGHTLIFTING          Sam Pera Snr              

                               Michael Tererui            Manager / Coach


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2000 Sydney/Australia

Chef de Mission           Rosie Blake (CISOA Assistant Secretary General)

Admin Delegate           Lydia Sijp (CISOA Administration Officer)


ATHLETICS                  Teina Teiti                    Men’s 100m                 11.22sec

                                 Ray Preston                Manager / Coach


SAILING                      Turia Vogel                  Women’s Board Sailing            20th Placing



WEIGHTLIFTING          Sam Pera Snr               105kg

                               Michael Tererui            Manager / Coach

Physiotherapist           Pareina Tangata


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2004 Athens/Greece

Chef de Mission           Rosie Blake (CISNOC Assistant Secretary General)

Admin Delegate           Robert Graham (Sports Development Officer)

Team Attache              John Tierney (CISNOC Vice President)


ATHLETICS                  Harmon Harmon          Men’s 100m                 11.22sec / 74th Placing

                                    Tereapii Tapoki            Women’s Discus           48.12m / 49th Placing

                                    Harmon Harmon Snr    Manager / Coach


WEIGHTLIFTING          Sam Pera Snr               105kg+                        305kg / 15th Placing

                               Tony Hole                    Manager / Coach


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2008 Beijing/China

Chef de Mission           Paul Allsworth (CISNOC Vice President)

Admin Delegate           Nga Rima (Administration Manager)


ATHLETICS                  Gordon Heather          Men’s 100m                 11.47sec / 75th Placing

                                Tereapii Tapoki            Women’s Discus           48.35m / 37th Placing

                                 Siniva Marsters            Manager / Coach



SWIMMING                  Petero Okotai              Men’s 100m B/stroke   1:20.20 / 63rd Placing

                                Ray Preston                Manager / Coach


WEIGHTLIFTING          Sam Pera Jnr               105kg+                        350kg / 12th Placing

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Chef de Mission           George Williamson (CISNOC Vice President)

Admin Delegate           Siniva Marsters (Administration Manager)



Patrick Tuara  /  Men’s 100m  -  11.47sec / 75th Placing

Patricia Taea  /  Women’s 100m  -  48.35m / 37th Placing

John Teiti  /  Manager, Coach


Ella Nicholas  /  Canoe Slalom  -  18th Place Overall

Aaron Osborne  /  Coach

Sue Clarke  /  Manager


Celeste Brown  /  Women B/stroke  -  1:20.20 / 63rd Placing

Ray Preston  /  Manager, Coach


Louisa Peters  /  Women's 105kg+  -  350kg / 12th Placing

Sam Pera Snr  /  Coach

Unakea Kauvai  /  Manager 

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What'z On...

Cook Islands U21 Netball Team is in Botswana attending the Under 21 World Championships


Team Cook Islands heads off to the Commonwealth Youth Games which will be hosted by Bahamas, 17th - 23rd July 2017.


Oceania Handball Tournament to be hosted in the Cook Islands from the 31st July - 5th August 2017


Oceania Rugby - Cook Islands vs Tahiti here in Rarotonga on the 4th August 2017, which will be played at the BC Stadium.


2017 Events

2017 Upcoming Events


14 - 16   Squash Business House

15 - 22   Kia Orana Football Festival



1 - 4        BSP Vaka Iti Regatta

13           Air NZ International Triathlon

27           Rugby League Grand Finals



5           Queen's Birthday / KUMETE SPORTS

19 - 23   OLYMPIC WEEK

23         OLYMPIC DAY / FUN RUN

28         Primary Schools Rugby 10s 

29 - 30   College Badminton Tournament



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