Team Cook Islands Rio 2016 Handbook

Available on this website is the official Team Cook Islands Handbook for the Olympic Games 2016. The Handbook features messages from the President of CISNOC, Sports Minister and Chef de Mission, Team Cook Islands to various Olympic Games, Features of the 15 islands and Athlete Profiles of those athletes who attended the Rio Olympic Games.more

Patty, Team Cook Islands’ finest Athlete

Sprinter, Patricia Taea is Team Cook Islands best-performing athlete at the Rio Olympics in Brazil, qualifying for the second round of the Women's 100m Heats, first ever for Cook islands at any Olympics.more

Ranked in the top 20...

Slalom proved to be harder than expected. Bryden and Ella Nicholas put in more than 100 percent.more

COOK ISLANDS, Top 10 Best Dressed Team..

Team Cook Islands were dressed in a green Tav's design out-fit, with the ladies also wearing the head ei (ei katu) traditionally worn throughout the islands for many occasions.more

Cook Islands are Welcomed to the Olympics

Team Cook Islands Welcome and Flag-raising Ceremony was held today 4th August in the Athletes Village, NOC President Hugh Graham and Cook Islands Government representative H.E. Roseline Blake BEM also in attendance.more

Canoe Slalom first up for the Cooks

Bryden Nicholas will be the first Cook Island athlete of the team to compete at the 2016 Rio Olympics. His Canoe Slalom K1 race is on the 7th August, just two days after the opening ceremony, at the purpose built white water stadium at Deodoro.more

IOC Approves Five new Sports for Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today agreed to add Baseball/Softball, Karate, Skateboard, Sports Climbing and Surfing to the sports programme for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.more

Oceania National Olympic Committees “We will make it” says IOC President

International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach is confident that the 2016 Rio Olympics which starts in a week’s time, will be a success.

“We will make it,” said a confident Bach while addressing Chef de Missions during a morning briefing at the Games Village.more

Cook Islands visit school in Rio

TEAM COOK ISLANDS flag bearer Ella Nicholas and brother Bryden paid a visit to a school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as ambassadors of the country in lead up to the 2016 Olympic Games.more

Team Kuki content with Village

TEAM COOK ISLANDS Chef de Mission Robert Graham is satisfied with the accommodation arrangement of the national team for the Rio Olympic Games which starts on Friday next week.more

Lawn Bowls Wins Silver in Samoa

Lawn Bowls team won our first ever Silver Medal at any Commonwealth Youth Games here in Samoa. Team pairs, Taiki Paniani and Ngametua Tera winning the Cook Islands a silver medal at the games, was our greatest achievement.more
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Rio Updates

Team Cook Islands Schecule...

Sunday 7th August

13:20 Canoeing / Slalom (Bryden Nicholas, Men's K1)

Monday 8th August

13:05 Sailing (Taua Elisa-Henry, Men's Laser - Race 1)

13:10 Canoeing Slalom (Ella Nicholas, Women's K1)

13:15 Sailing (Teau McKenzie, Women's Radial Laser - Race 1)

14:30 Sailing (Taua Elisa-Henry, Men's Laser - Race 2)

14:40 Sailing (Teau Mckenzie, Women's Radial Laser, Race 2)

Tuesday 9th August

13:05 Sailing (Teau Mckenzie, Women's Radil Laser - Race 3)

13:15 Sailing (Taua Elisa-Henry, Men's Laser - Race 3)

14:30 Sailing (Teau McKenzie, Women's Laser Radial Laser, Race 4

14:40 Sailing (Taua Elisa-Henry, Men's Laser, Race 4)

Wednesday 10th August

13:00 Swimming (Tracy Mitchett, Women's 100m Freestyle)

13.05 Sailing (Taua Elisa-Henry, Men's Laser - Race 5)

13:15 Sailing (Teau McKenzie, Women's Radial Laser, Race 5)

13:30 Canoeing / Slalom, MEN'S SEMI FINALS

14:30 Sailing (Taua Elisa-Henry, Men's Laser - Race 6)

14:40 Sailing (teau McKenzie, Women's Radial Laser - Race 6)

15:00 Canoeing / Slalom, MEN'S FINALS

22:00 Swimming, Women's 100 Freestyle - SEMI FINALS

Thursday 11th August

13:15 Canoeing / Slalom, WOMEN'S SEMI FINALS

15:00 Canoeing / Slalom, WOMEN'S FINALS

23:00 Swimming, WOMEN'S 100m FREESTLYE FINALS

Sailing REST DAY

Friday 12th August

10:10 Athletics (Alex Beddoes, Men's 800m)

11:55 Athletics (Patricia Taea, Women's 100m)

13:00 Swimming (Wesley Roberts, Men;s 1500m Freestyle)

13:05 Sailing (Teau McKenzie, Women's Radil Laser - Race 7)

13:15 Sailing (Taua Elisa-Henry, Men's Laser - Race 7)

14:30 Sailing Teau McKenzie (Womens's Radila Laser - Race 8)

14:40 Sailing (Taua Elisa-Henry, Men's Laser - Race 8)

Saturday 13th August

13:05 Sailing (Taua Elisa-Henry, Men's Laser - Race 9)

13:15 Sailing (Teau McKenzie, Women's Radial Laser - Race 9)

14:30 Sailing (Taua Elisa-Henry, Men's Laser - Race 10)

14:40 Sailing (Teau McKenzie, Women's Radial Laser - Race 10)

Sunday 14th August

19:00 Weightlifting (Luisa Peters, Women's +75kg)

Sailing REST DAY

Monday 15th August

13:00 Sailing, Women's Radial Laser Medal Race

13:30 Sailing, Mens Laser Medal Race


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