Sport Administration

Sport in Communities Administrator

Involved in any form of sport in your community, village, surburb?

Keen to organise local competitions/leagues?

Interested to learn or enhance your personal administration skills?

Sport in Communities Administrator is for You!more

Management in Sporting Organisations

Are you a sport administrator and/or manager actively working with sports clubs or federations, whether paid or voluntary?

Already completed the OSEP Sport in Communities Training Program?

Want to learn more about sport administration at a higher level?more

Advanced Sport Management Course

These advanced level courses are designed to train sports managers through a collective learning process in the following five areas: running of an Olympic sports organisation; strategic management; managing human resources; marketing and media communication; and event management.

The course is run over the year as follows:
1. 3 sessions
2. 3-5 days per unit for the 6 unitsmore
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North pacific zone - Palau base

Zone 1 Coordinator - Ms Jubilee Kuartei (

FSM Office

Yap, FSM - Mr Daniel G. Ramngen (

Pohnpei, FSM - Mr Lloyd Yamada (

Kiribati Office

Mr Tenoa Betene (

Marshall Islands Office

Mr Kevin Harkey (

Palau Office

Ms. Stephanie Ngirchoimei (

PNG Office

Ms Alurigo Ravusiro (

Samoa Office

In recruitment

Tuvalu Office

Mr Melei Melei (   

Suva Office

Ms Varanisese Logavatu (

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