Master of Arts - Olympic Studies

Master of Arts - Olympic Studies


Module 1- Ethics, Values and Olympic Education

Module 2 - Olympic Athletes adn Elite Sport in Transition

Module 3 - Research Methodologies in Olympic Studies

Module 4 - Governance, Policy and Olympic Organisations

Module 5 - Olympic Games - Media and Commercialisation

Module 6 - International Relations and the Olympic Movement


Program starts in September annually!


Partnership between Loughborough University, Lyon 1, Centre d'Estudis Olimpics and Johannes Gutenberg Universitat

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North pacific zone - Palau base

Zone 1 Coordinator - Ms Jubilee Kuartei (

FSM Office

Yap, FSM - Mr Daniel G. Ramngen (

Pohnpei, FSM - Mr Lloyd Yamada (

Kiribati Office

Mr Tenoa Betene (

Marshall Islands Office

Mr Kevin Harkey (

Palau Office

Ms. Stephanie Ngirchoimei (

PNG Office

Ms Alurigo Ravusiro (

Samoa Office

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Tuvalu Office

Mr Melei Melei (   

Suva Office

Ms Varanisese Logavatu (

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