Play True Pasifik (PTP) is ORADO's flagship for its anti-doping education program. The name and concept of PTP is mostly based on the WADA Play True Generation Outreach Program that was launched during the 2008 Pune Commonwealth Youth Games, India.

The PTP objective includes:

  • Advocate, educate and inform athletes and their support personnel about the benefits of doping free sport environment, the risks of doping, and health consequences of doping.
  • Provide youth with fun, interactive and practical information on the benefits of doping-free sport environment, the dangers of doping, and health consequences of doping.
  • Encourage the development of partnerships with national, regional and international sport organizations and governments in advocating, educating and promoting doping free sport in regional and/or national events.

The above objectives are inline with the ORADO Strategic Objective for Advocacy and Education.

The PTP main activities include:

1. Development and implementation of the "Voices of the Athletes" Outreach Program at national and regional events.

2. Capacity of building of Doping Control Officers as Educators and/or Master Educator to facilitate relevant and meaningful anti-doping education sessions that is of course fun and interactive.

Through the PTP, ORADO has formed a strong relationship and partnership with the following organisations:

  • ONOC Athletes Commission
  • ONOC Medical Commission
  • ONOC Oceania Sport Education Program (OSEP)
  • Sports Training Outreach Program for HIV & AIDS
  • National Olympic Committees & their Athletes Commission
  • Pacific Games Council
  • Sport Federations (International Federations, Regional Federations & National Federations)
  • Sustainable Coastline- Love Your Coast
  • Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program (SPREP)
  • Government Ministries
  • Local Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

The PTP is happy to provide services to any organisation who wants to know and learn more about doping free sport.

For more information please contact ORADO Executive Officer, Natanya Potoi-Ulia by email:



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  • 15-17: RADO Conference, Bangkok, THAILAND
  • 27-29: International Anti-Doping Seminar, Tokyo, JAPAN


  • 13-15: Oceania Badminton, Auckland- NEW ZEALAND
  • 22: South Pacific DCO Conference, Nadi, FIJI (Postponed due to Tropical Cyclone Winston)
  • 23-26: Play True Pasifik (PTP) Master Educator (Refresher) & Educator Training, Nadi, FIJI (Postponed due to Tropical Cyclone Winston)


  • 4-7: North Pacific DCO Training (Refresher), GUAM (Defer to 2017)
  • 14-16: WADA Anti-Doping Organization (ADO) Symposium, Lausanne, SWITZERLAND
  • 21-24: ORADO Financial Audit


  • 11: Play True Pasifik (PTP) Master Educator (Refresher), Nadi, FIJI
  • 12: South Pacific DCO Conference, Nadi, FIJI
  • 13-15: Play True Pasifik (PTP) Educator, Nadi, FIJI
  • 19-21: Oceania Athletes Commission meeting & E4L/ACP Train the trainers, Nadi, FIJI


  • 7: ORADO Board Meeting, Port Vila- VANUATU
  • 8: ONOC Medical Commission TUE Training, Port Vila- VANUATU
  • 9: ONOC General Assembly, Port Vila- VANUATU
  • 10-11: Pacific Games Council Meeting, Port Vila- VANUATU
  • 24-29: Oceania Weightlifting Olympic Qualifying Tournament, Suva, FIJI


  • 21-26: Oceania Swimming Olympic Qualifying Tournament, Suva, FIJI



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