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'Be a Leader'. 'Play Safe'. 'Play True'.

The voices of the Athletes is an initiative engaging 'Athlete Ambassadors' to advocate for Anti-Doping in sports, HIV Awareness and prevention, and the Rights and Responsibilities of athletes.

The message is simple:
'Be a Leader. Play Safe. Play True'.

The 'Athlete Ambassadors' are athletes that will be identified from current RADO member countries (Cook Islands, Fiji, PNG, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu) and endorsed by ONOC Athletes Commisson and will be trained in the 3 areas of concern.

Barbara Kendall (ONOC Athletes Commission)
Natanya Potoi (Oceania RADO)

Be a Leader
Leadership is a positive attribute that all athletes possess. What you choose to do with it is your decision. Your role as an athlete is not only limited to how you compete on the field but how you continue that performance off the field. Being a leader or role model is not always easy. People look to you for inspiration, influence and ideas so think carefully about what you do, think, say and believe. Remember when a more senior player showed you how to play better? Pass it on.

Play Safe
You cannot tell just by looking at someone that they are infected with HIV. Se safe- wear a condom. ~Ronaldo, Brazilian Football Champion

Discrimination can stop people from fulfilling their potential. Don't discriminate against people living with HIV. ~Cathy Freeman, Australian Track and Field Olympic Gold Medalist.

Play True
If you know it's wrong, don't do it. It doesn't help you or your family...you are bound to get caught one day. ~Seru Rabeni, Flying Fijian




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  • 15-17: RADO Conference, Bangkok, THAILAND
  • 27-29: International Anti-Doping Seminar, Tokyo, JAPAN


  • 13-15: Oceania Badminton, Auckland- NEW ZEALAND
  • 22: South Pacific DCO Conference, Nadi, FIJI (Postponed due to Tropical Cyclone Winston)
  • 23-26: Play True Pasifik (PTP) Master Educator (Refresher) & Educator Training, Nadi, FIJI (Postponed due to Tropical Cyclone Winston)


  • 4-7: North Pacific DCO Training (Refresher), GUAM (Defer to 2017)
  • 14-16: WADA Anti-Doping Organization (ADO) Symposium, Lausanne, SWITZERLAND
  • 21-24: ORADO Financial Audit


  • 11: Play True Pasifik (PTP) Master Educator (Refresher), Nadi, FIJI
  • 12: South Pacific DCO Conference, Nadi, FIJI
  • 13-15: Play True Pasifik (PTP) Educator, Nadi, FIJI
  • 19-21: Oceania Athletes Commission meeting & E4L/ACP Train the trainers, Nadi, FIJI


  • 7: ORADO Board Meeting, Port Vila- VANUATU
  • 8: ONOC Medical Commission TUE Training, Port Vila- VANUATU
  • 9: ONOC General Assembly, Port Vila- VANUATU
  • 10-11: Pacific Games Council Meeting, Port Vila- VANUATU
  • 24-29: Oceania Weightlifting Olympic Qualifying Tournament, Suva, FIJI


  • 21-26: Oceania Swimming Olympic Qualifying Tournament, Suva, FIJI



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