The RADO Board Member Report Card has been developed as a direct outcome of the RADO staff training which took place in Montreal in December 2014.

The report card will be used to assess Board Member performance as well as bring about the following outcomes;

  1. Provide Board Members with the opportunity to reflect on and assess their areas of strength and weakness;
  2. Serve an educational function by clearly defining to the Board Members standards of performance in line with the Strategic Objectives of the RADO;
  3. Engage Board Members and encourage them to reflect on their roles, what their goals should be and how their contribution fits into the bigger picture;
  4. Provide Board Members with a general tool which can be used to prioritize activities;
  5. Provide RADOs with a tangible measuring tool with which to assess Board Member performance and report to the relevant authorities within RADO Board Member countries;
  6. Contribute relevant information to the WADA Compliance Monitoring process.

In order to ensure an honest and transparent assessment, the annual process will be:

  1. Each RADO Board Member will complete their own report card on an annual basis.
  2. At the same time, the RADO Office will complete a report card for each RADO Board Member. The completion by the RADO Office will be done independently of the submission by the Board Member.
  3. WADA will also provide comments and assist the RADO in evaluating the assessment of each Board Member’s performance.
  4. Upon completion of the assessment, WADA, the RADO and the Board Member will discuss the outcomes (possibly at the RADO Board Meeting) and determine the way forward.
  5. If required, a letter will be sent from the RADO and WADA to the country’s National Olympic Committee and Government summarizing the outcomes and requesting feedback.

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