Athlete Whereabouts

Athletes are ambassadors and role models. They have an important responsiblity in protecting the integrity of the their sport. Part of that obligation means that you will now need to provide whereabouts detials so that anti-doping authorities can better ensure all athletes play true.


Why Whereabouts?

Providing whereabouts is about protecting your right to clean sport. Wherebaouts information gives the Anti-Doping Organization (ADO) the ability to locate athletes with no notice, which is vital to testing athletes who choose to cheat themselves by doping

Knowing where athletes can be found for testing is crucial for ensuring effective anti-doping programs.


Who is Included?

Very few athletes are in the Registered Testing Pool (RTP) and need to provide accurate and current whereabouts information.

International Federations and National Anti-Doping Organizations are responsible for determining if you are required to provide whereabouts information or not


What do I Need to Provide?

If you are asked to provide whereabouts information by your ADO, you may be required to provide information such as:

  • home address
  • training information and locations
  • competition schedules
  • regular personal activities such as work or school
  • For those few athletes included in a RTP, one 60-minute time period a day, where you'll be available for testing, must also be provided.

Remember that all athletes can still be tested anytime and anywhere. However, for RTP athletes, a missed test may be recorded if you are unavailable during your declared 60-minute window.


Some quick facts on updating your Whereabouts

  • You may be able to update your whereabouts details simply by e-mailing or sending an SMS to your relevant ADO.
  • There may be consequences if you are not present without a valid reason. If you cannot be located for testing, you have the opportunity to explain why.
  • You can choose to have your agent or other represenative submit your whereabouts for you, but keep in mind you are still responsible for that information.
  • If youare part of a team, your whereabouts information may be submitted by a coach or team officials as part of your team's collecting filing.



Athletes whereabouts are a crucial step in ensuring that your sport and your competitors stay on a level playing field.

  • YOU, you alone, are responsible for your whereabouts.


  • YOU CAN'T BLAME your representative or agent for inaccurately filing or forgetting to update your whereabouts.


  • If you are included in a RTP, you must provide your whereabout EVERY THREE MONTHS so that you can be located for testing.


  • If you are included in an RTP, REMBEMBER, there may be consequences for failing to provide accurate whereabouts information. Your IF or NADO will provide you more detailed information on their requirements.


  • WHEREABOUTS information is a crucial element in supporting your right to clean sport.

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