Athlete Rights & Responsibilities

Athletes have the Right to:

  • Nominate a representative of their choice to accompany them to doping control
  • Arrange an interpreter (if required)
  • Request for additional information about the doping control procedure
  • Request a delay in reporting to the Doping Control Station for valid reasons
  • Request necessary modifications if you have a disability
  • Note any concerns with the doping control process on the doping control form
  • Request part 'B' of their sample be analyzed to confirm a positive result
  • A fair hearing in accordance with the WADA Code

With the consent of, and in full view of, the DCO or Chapreone:

  • Attend a victory ceremony
  • compete in further events
  • Finish a training session
  • Receive necessary medical attention
  • Locating a representative and/or interpreter
  • Fulfill media commitment, and
  • Warm Down
  • Any other exceptional circumstances which can be justifies, and which shall be documented.

Athetes have the responsibility to:

  • Be aware of, and comply with, the WADA Code and Anti-Doping Organization Rules.
  • Be aware of which substances are prohibited by your sport and WADA.
  • Comply with requirements for Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE).
  • Provide accurate and up-to-date whereabouts information to relevant authorities.
  • Report to the Doping Control facility immediately or within the required time (considering competition requirements).
  • Control their sample until it is sealed in the sample collection kit.
  • Ensure the sealed sample collection kit is secure and identified; and,
  • Ensure all appropriate documentation is accurate

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  • 15-17: RADO Conference, Bangkok, THAILAND
  • 27-29: International Anti-Doping Seminar, Tokyo, JAPAN


  • 13-15: Oceania Badminton, Auckland- NEW ZEALAND
  • 22: South Pacific DCO Conference, Nadi, FIJI (Postponed due to Tropical Cyclone Winston)
  • 23-26: Play True Pasifik (PTP) Master Educator (Refresher) & Educator Training, Nadi, FIJI (Postponed due to Tropical Cyclone Winston)


  • 4-7: North Pacific DCO Training (Refresher), GUAM (Defer to 2017)
  • 14-16: WADA Anti-Doping Organization (ADO) Symposium, Lausanne, SWITZERLAND
  • 21-24: ORADO Financial Audit


  • 11: Play True Pasifik (PTP) Master Educator (Refresher), Nadi, FIJI
  • 12: South Pacific DCO Conference, Nadi, FIJI
  • 13-15: Play True Pasifik (PTP) Educator, Nadi, FIJI
  • 19-21: Oceania Athletes Commission meeting & E4L/ACP Train the trainers, Nadi, FIJI


  • 7: ORADO Board Meeting, Port Vila- VANUATU
  • 8: ONOC Medical Commission TUE Training, Port Vila- VANUATU
  • 9: ONOC General Assembly, Port Vila- VANUATU
  • 10-11: Pacific Games Council Meeting, Port Vila- VANUATU
  • 24-29: Oceania Weightlifting Olympic Qualifying Tournament, Suva, FIJI


  • 21-26: Oceania Swimming Olympic Qualifying Tournament, Suva, FIJI



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