The List

Prohibited Substance (In and Out-of-Competition):

S1: Anabolic Agents

S2: Peptide Hormones, Growth Factors and Related Substances

S3: Beta-2-agonists

S4: Hormone Antagonists and Modulators

S5: Diuretics and other Masking Agents

Prohibited Substances (In-Competition):


S6a: Non Specified Stimulants

S6b: Specified Stimulants

S7: Narcotics

S8: Cannabinoids

S9: Glucorticosteroids

Prohibited Substances in Particular Sports (See Prohibited List for rules in your sport):

P1: Alcohol

P2: Beta-Blockers

Prohibited Methods (In and Out-of-Competition):

M1: Enhancement of Oxygen Transfer

M2: Chemical and Physical Manipulation

M3: Gene Doping

Specified Substances

Specified Substances are those where presence could have a credible non-doping explanation if the Athlete has taken the substance without intent to enhance his or her sporting performance.

All Prohibited Substance shall be considered as Specified Substances except those in classes S1, S2, S4.4 and S6a and the Prohibited Methods M1, M2, M3.


The Prohibited List may be updated from time to time and the most current list can always be found at


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  • 15-17: RADO Conference, Bangkok, THAILAND
  • 27-29: International Anti-Doping Seminar, Tokyo, JAPAN


  • 13-15: Oceania Badminton, Auckland- NEW ZEALAND
  • 22: South Pacific DCO Conference, Nadi, FIJI (Postponed due to Tropical Cyclone Winston)
  • 23-26: Play True Pasifik (PTP) Master Educator (Refresher) & Educator Training, Nadi, FIJI (Postponed due to Tropical Cyclone Winston)


  • 4-7: North Pacific DCO Training (Refresher), GUAM (Defer to 2017)
  • 14-16: WADA Anti-Doping Organization (ADO) Symposium, Lausanne, SWITZERLAND
  • 21-24: ORADO Financial Audit


  • 11: Play True Pasifik (PTP) Master Educator (Refresher), Nadi, FIJI
  • 12: South Pacific DCO Conference, Nadi, FIJI
  • 13-15: Play True Pasifik (PTP) Educator, Nadi, FIJI
  • 19-21: Oceania Athletes Commission meeting & E4L/ACP Train the trainers, Nadi, FIJI


  • 7: ORADO Board Meeting, Port Vila- VANUATU
  • 8: ONOC Medical Commission TUE Training, Port Vila- VANUATU
  • 9: ONOC General Assembly, Port Vila- VANUATU
  • 10-11: Pacific Games Council Meeting, Port Vila- VANUATU
  • 24-29: Oceania Weightlifting Olympic Qualifying Tournament, Suva, FIJI


  • 21-26: Oceania Swimming Olympic Qualifying Tournament, Suva, FIJI



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