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8th Micronesian Games, Pohnpei
July 20th to July 30th, 2014

Basketball Schedule

 Monday July 21st
8am M Kosrae vs Yap -
10am W Nauru vs Palau -
12noon M RMI vs Guam -
2pm W Chuuk vs RMI -
4pm M Chuuk vs CNMI -
6pm W Pohnpei vs CNMI -
8pm M Pohnpei vs Nauru -

Tuesday July 22nd
8am  M CNMI vs Nauru -
10am  W Guam vs CNMI -
12noon M Yap vs RMI -
2pm W Nauru vs RMI -
4pm M Chuuk vs Palau -
6pm W Chuuk vs Pohnpei -
8pm M Guam vs Kosrae -

Wednesday July 23rd
8am M Nauru vs Chuuk -
10am W CNMI vs Nauru -
12noon M Yap vs Guam -
2pm W Palau vs Guam -
4pm  M RMI vs Kosrae -
6pm  W Pohnpei vs RMI -
8pm M Pohnpei vs CNMI -

Thursday July 24th
10am W Palau vs RMI -
12noon M Palau vs Nauru -
2pm W Guam vs Chuuk -
4pm  W Nauru vs Pohnpei -
6pm M Chuuk vs Pohnpei -

Friday July 25th
10am W Chuuk vs Nauru -
12noon M CNMI vs Chuuk -
2pm W RMI vs Guam - 
4pm W CNMI vs Palau -
6pm  M Pohnpei vs Palau -

Saturday July 26th
8am W CNMI vs Chuuk -
10am W Guam vs Nauru -
12noon W Palau vs Pohnpei -
2pm M MP1 Pool B: 1 vs Pool A: 4 -
4pm  M MP2 Pool A: 2 vs Pool B: 3 -
6pm  M MP3 Pool B: 2 vs Pool A: 3 -
8pm M MP4 Pool A: 1 vs Pool B: 4

Sunday July 27th
12noon W Chuuk vs Palau -
2pm W RMI vs CNMI -
4pm W Pohnpei vs Guam -
6pm  M Loser MP1 vs Loser MP3 -
8pm M Loser MP2 vs Loser MP4 -

Monday July 28th
8am W 5 vs 6 -
10am M RG 5&6 WMR1 vs WMR2 -
12noon M RG 7&8 LMR1 vs LMR2 -
2pm W WSF # 1 vs # 4 -
4pm W WSF # 2 vs # 3 -
6pm M MSF1 Winner MP1 vs Winner MP2 -
8pm M MSF2 Winner MP3 vs Winner MP4 - 

Tuesday July 29th
2pm W Bronze Loser WSF1 vs Loser WSF2 -
4pm M Bronze Loser MSF1 vs MSF2 -
6pm W Gold Winner WSF1 vs WSF2 -
8pm M Gold Winner MSF1 vs MSF2



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