About KIFA

The Kiribati Islands Football Association (KIFA) has been operating since 1980. Its main activities are in organising football competitions in which all the scattered islands take part and in promoting football by providing much needed equipments like footballs, goal nets, training tapes, etc. to all member associations on the rural outer islands.

Despite the lack of space on our Atolls and Islands, our people love football and play at any opportunity once the day's work has been done.

The KIFA is an active member of the Kiribati National Olympic Committee (KNOC), who finally became recognised by the International Olympic Committee during July 2003.

The KIFA is firmly committed to the development of sport inside Kiribati as a foundation to improving our performance at the international level. Our population demographics are heavily biased to the under 18 age group and we feel that football along with all other sports will provide an important avenue for development for our people.

KIFA has an Executive Committee which is the executive arm of the Association and has the following members:

Ioteba Redfern - President
Johnny Kulene - Vice President
Kireata Ruteru - General Secretary
Tenea Atera - Assistant Secretary
Navahine Pine - Treasurer
Ms Aren Tebau - Assistant Treasurer
Pine Iosefa - Coaches' chairman

Kautotoki Matia - Referees' chairman

Welcome to our Web Site and stay tuned to keep up to date with our activities and programs for football in Kiribati....